what to eat before running

What to Eat Before Running

What to eat before running depends on the type of run you’re doing – learn how to match your run to what you need to fuel it

What to eat while running

What to Eat While Running

What to eat while running? If you are planning to run for longer than 90 minutes, follow these tips to make sure you have enough energy for your run.

What to eat after running

What to Eat After Running

What to eat after running is just as important as pre-running prep. Here’s everything you need to know about refueling after your run.

5K pace chart

5K Pace Chart

This 5K pace chart will give you the pace, splits and half time to achieve your goal 5K finishing time plus training tips to run a faster time

half marathon pace chart

Half Marathon Pace Chart

Use our half marathon pace chart to find your pace for a sub-3:00, sub-2:30, sub-2:00 and sub-1:30 half marathon and all times in between.

kinni app

Kinni App Review

Kinni app review 📱🏃 automatically control your treadmill speed and incline, use built in training plans and workouts or create custom runs

Hip pain after running

Hip Pain After Running

Do you have hip pain after running? Find out what might be causing it, what to do about it plus how to prevent sore hips after running.

Average 1 mile run time by age

Average 1 Mile Run Time by Age

Use these easy tables to find out the average 1 mile run time by age and ability for kids and adults. Plus tips to improve your 1 mile run time.

treadmill incline

Best Speed and Incline on Treadmill to Lose Weight

Best speed and incline on treadmill to lose weight: Learn tips for treadmill settings, incline workout for fat loss, and how to lose weight on a treadmill in 2 weeks-month with diet, strength training, and activity tips. Make exercise & healthy eating a daily routine for consistent results

Joggo Sample Meal Plan

Sample Joggo Meal Plan

Sample joggo meal plan 🥘 – Here’s a week’s example Joggo meal plan along with some example recipes so you can see what the food is like

beginners walking plan

Beginners Walking Plan

Beginners walking plan – This 6 week plan starts off walking and gradually builds up your ability to run more and more

start running plan

Start Running Plan

Start running plan 🏃‍♂️ designed to get you out running regularly. By the end, you’ll be running every week & covering twice the distance in the same amount of time!

First 5K Running Plan

First 5K Running Plan

First 5K running plan 🏃‍♀️ Gradually trains you to run for longer periods of time. Each stage pushes you forward safely. End goal: run a 5K non-stop!

Joggo running plan

Joggo Running Plan

Use these Joggo running plan examples from beginner to advanced levels to see the type of workouts you will do on this weight loss running app

first 10k running plan

First 10K Running Plan

First 10K running plan 🏃‍♂️ Mixes fast runs and hill climbs to adapt your body. Get stronger, fitter, and able to run a full 10K non-stop!

average half marathon time

Average Half Marathon Time

Want to know your average half marathon time? Use our tables to find the average half marathon time by age and ability for men and women.