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calories burned spinning

Calories Burned Spinning Calculator

Spinning Calories Burned Calculator Use this simple calculator to estimate how many calories you burned during your spinning class. Enter your weight Enter the time

stationary bike stand reviews and guide

Best stationary bike stand – reviews and guide

Want to train in some better weather conditions? A stationary bike stand lets you train safely indoors.

This guide explains everything you need to know before you buy and shows you the best bike trainers available today.

bikes for big guys

Bikes For Big Guys

Are you a big guy who’s thinking about starting biking to help lose some weight? You’ve chosen the right exercise type. Cycling can burn a huge

shimano shoe sizing chart for men and women

Shimano Shoe Sizing

Shimano Shoe Sizing Chart Shimano use european sizing. Here’s a handy reference conversion chart. If you’re looking for wide shoes, check out our guide to


beginner running plan