Steps to calories

Steps to Calories Calculator

Steps to calories calculator – Enter your weight, height and step count to easily work out how many calories burned from any amount of steps

calories burned hiking

Calories Burned Hiking Calculator

Calories burned hiking calculator – Enter your weight, backpack weight, time and distance along with the type of hike and incline to get a calorie estimate for your hike

beginners walking plan

Beginners Walking Plan

Beginners walking plan – This 6 week plan starts off walking and gradually builds up your ability to run more and more

How Many Miles Is 20000 Steps

How Many Miles Is 20,000 Steps

The number of miles in 20,000 steps depends on the step length taken. Find out how many miles are in 20000 steps along with the health benefits of 20K steps

are walking pads any good

Are Walking Pads Any Good?

Are walking pads any good? Using a walking pad under a standing desk is a great way to be more active, lose weight and be more productive.

how many miles is 5000 steps

How Many Miles is 5000 Steps?

How many miles is 5000 steps? Walking 5000 steps is an achievable goal. Find out the distance, how long it takes plus the calories burned.

How long to walk 10000 steps

How Long to Walk 10000 Steps?

How long to walk 10000 steps? It depends on your speed. Find out how long it takes to walk 10000 steps plus recommended step count per age.