Average Time to Run 3 Miles for Women and Men by Age

Written by Noleen Arendse

A good average time to run 3 miles for men is under 28 minutes and under 31 minutes for women. The time to complete this distance is a common benchmark for fitness evaluations.

In this article, we’ll explore the average 3-mile run time by age for both women and men. We’ll also take a look at the times required to pass the 3-mile run test for the United States Marine Corps and the average run test for the Royal Navy.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, understanding these benchmarks and your average time to run 3 miles can be a valuable tool to track your progress and set goals for your fitness journey.

average time to run 3 miles


How far is 3 miles?

Three miles is roughly equal to 4.83 kilometers. It’s about 6 936 steps of walking and about 4 099 steps of running for the average person. 

In everyday terms, it’s about 48 city blocks assuming each block is around 0.0625 miles (or 100 meters) long. 

Around a standard outdoor track of 400m, it’s about 12.07 laps. Of course, this will vary depending on the size of the track. In terms of football fields, it’s about 14 laps. 

What is a good time for a 3-mile run?

A good time for a 3-mile run will vary depending on factors such as your age, gender, fitness levels, and personal goals. In general, for most people, a good 3-mile run time will be less than 30 minutes. 

For men, a good average time to run 3 miles is generally considered to be less than 28 minutes. For women, a time of fewer than 31 minutes is a good 3-mile run time.

Use your average 1-mile run time to predict your average time to run 3 miles: multiply by 3 and add a few extra minutes. 

Use your average 5K time to predict your average 3-mile run time: subtract about 30 seconds to account for the extra 0.1 of a mile in a 5k. 

Running levels for average time to run 3 miles

BeginnerA runner who has started running and has run for at least a month.
NoviceA runner who has been running regularly for at least six months and has completed a few minor running events.
IntermediateA runner who has been running regularly for at least two years and may have participated in a few events.
AdvancedA runner who has been running for over five years and can run faster than 80% of runners.
EliteA runner who has been training competitively for more than 5 years. He or she is faster than 95% of runners.

Average time to run 3 miles for women by age

The table below lists the average time to run 3 miles for women by age and running level. Generally, a good 3-mile run time for women is less than 31 minutes. 

Keep in mind that these are approximations. Ultimately, the most important thing is to set your own goals and work toward improving your personal performance. 


Average time to run 3 miles for men by age

The table below is the average 3-mile run time by age and running level for men. In general, a good time is less than 28 minutes. 

Age Beginner Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite
20-24 00:29:00 00:25:00 00:22:00 00:19:00 00:19:00
25-29 00:29:30 00:25:30 00:22:30 00:19:30 00:19:30
30-34 00:30:30 00:26:00 00:23:00 00:20:00 00:20:00
35-39 00:31:00 00:26:30 00:23:30 00:20:30 00:20:30
40-44 00:32:00 00:28:00 00:25:00 00:22:00 00:22:00
45-49 00:33:30 00:29:30 00:26:30 00:23:30 00:23:30
50-54 00:35:00 00:31:00 00:28:00 00:25:00 00:25:00
55-59 00:36:30 00:32:30 00:29:30 00:26:30 00:26:30
60-64 00:38:30 00:34:30 00:31:30 00:28:30 00:28:30
65-69 00:40:30 00:36:30 00:33:30 00:30:30 00:30:30
70-74 00:43:30 00:39:00 00:36:00 00:33:00 00:33:00
75-79 00:47:30 00:42:30 00:39:00 00:36:00 00:36:00
80-84 00:52:30 00:46:30 00:42:30 00:39:30 00:39:30

Average 3-mile run time by age — US Marines

The 3-mile run is a standard physical fitness test used by the United States Marine Corps. Recruits are required to run 3 miles as fast as possible and the time taken to complete the run is used to assess the individual’s level of fitness. Points are awarded to the individual depending on their times. 

As it’s a standardized test for the average time to run 3 miles, it can give you a good idea of where you stand in terms of cardiovascular endurance, strength, and fitness. Regularly assessing your 3-mile run time according to Navy standards can give you a good indication of your progress. 

Average time to run 3 miles for women

Most recruits aim to hit achieve the maximum points. This means an average 3-mile run time of 21 minutes or less for women. 

Age Minimum time Ideal time (maximum points)
17 – 20 00:30:50 00:21:00
21 – 25 00:30:50 00:21:00
26 – 30 00:31:10 00:21:00
31 – 35 00:31:30 00:21:00
36 – 40 00:31:50 00:21:00
41 – 45 00:32:30 00:21:30
46 – 50 00:33:30 00:22:00
51+ 00:36:00 00:22:30

Average time to run 3 miles for men

Again, most recruits aim to run the 3 miles in 18 minutes or less to achieve the maximum number of points. 

Age Minimum time Ideal time (maximum points)
17 – 20 00:27:40 00:18:00
21 – 25 00:27:40 00:18:00
26 – 30 00:28:00 00:18:00
31 – 35 00:28:20 00:18:00
36 – 40 00:28:40 00:18:00
41 – 45 00:29:20 00:18:30
46 – 50 00:30:00 00:19:00
51+ 00:33:00 00:19:30

Royal Navy Pre-joining Fitness Test (PJFT)

The Royal Navy also has a standardized fitness test known as the PJFT for new recruits.

Although it’s not a 3-mile run, recruits are required to run 2.4km on a treadmill in a certain amount of time. This equates to approximately 1.49 miles which, when multiplied, can give us an approximate time to run 3 miles. 

Average 3 mile run time by age for women

Age Minimum pass time Approximate 3-mile run time
15 – 24 00:14:29 00:28:58
25 – 29 00:14:58 00:30:02
30 – 34 00:15:29 00:30:58
35 – 39 00:16:00 00:32:00

Average 3 mile run time by age for men

Age Minimum pass time Approximate 3-mile run time
15 – 24 00:12:16 00:24:32
25 – 29 00:12:42 00:25:24
30 – 34 00:13:09 00:26:18
35 – 39 00:13:37 00:27:14

How fast should you be able to run 3 miles?

The average time to run 3 miles will vary on factors such as your fitness level, age, gender, and running experience. However, here is a general guideline on how fast you should be running a mile. 

Elite runners | 5-6 minutes per mile | 15-18 minutes for 3 miles

Competitive runners | 6-7 minutes per mile | 18-21 minutes for 3 miles

Fit runners | 8-10 minutes per mile | 21-24 minutes for 3 miles

Novice runners | 8-10 minutes per mile | 24-30 minutes for 3 miles

Beginner runners | 10-12 minutes per mile | 30-36 minutes for 3 miles

Walkers | 12-15 minutes per mile | 36-45 minutes for 3 miles

The above are general guidelines. It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself and focus on gradual improvement over time. 

How to increase your 3 mile run time

Consistent practice and training smartly will help you increase your average time to run 3 miles no matter your running level. Here are some tips to help you run faster. 

Always warm up properly

Always warm up properly before running as this will prevent injury and improve your performance. 

Work on endurance

Endurance is key to running a fast 3-mile run time. Build your endurance by gradually increasing the duration and distance of your runs over time. Running longer distances at a slower pace will help build endurance. This will help you maintain your pace for the full 3 miles without slowing down or stopping.

Build strength

Building your muscles can help to prevent injuries and improve your overall performance. Include strength-building exercises like squats, lunges, and calf raises. Start with light weights and gradually build up your strength. 

Build speed

Incorporating interval training into your workouts can help you improve your speed. Alternate between high-intensity running, periods of rest, or low-intensity running.

Start with short intervals and gradually build the length and intensity of those intervals as you become fitter. 

Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of your progress over time will help you identify areas where you need to improve and where you may need to adjust your training program. Remember to set goals and measure your progress over time. 


As a general guideline, a decent 3-mile run time is about 20 – 25 minutes for men and 25 – 30 minutes for women.

Yes, running 3 miles a day can help you lose weight, especially when combined with a healthy diet that monitors your calorie intake. Running will help you burn calories and build muscle which will boost your metabolism and burn more fat. 

While running 3 miles every day can you help improve your fitness, it’s best to incorporate rest days into your routine to allow your body to recover. Running can put a lot of stress on your joints and muscles, so resting will hep your body to recover. 

Yes, running 3 miles in 30 minutes is generally a good time for both men and women. This is approximately 10 minutes a mile. 

Running 3 miles in 45 minutes is a decent time for beginners and a good place to start. With consistent training and effort, you can increase your 3 mile run time.

A good average time to run 3 miles should be less than 28 minutes for men and less than 31 minutes for women. 


  • A good average time to run 3 miles for men is less than 28 minutes. 
  • A good time for a 3-mile run for women is less than 31 minutes.
  • You can increase your average time to run 3 miles through consistent and deliberate training.

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