Calories Burned Hiking Calculator

Getting out on a mountain trail or some local countryside for a hike is a great free way of burning those calories.

The most important part of choosing any exercise routine for weight loss is making sure it’s something you can happily repeat routinely.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Hiking?

A leisurely hike will burn between 300 – 600 calories per hour, depending on your weight, backpack, speed and terrain.

The highest impacting factors for calorie burn are:

  • Your Weight
  • The weight of any backpack you carry
  • How long you’re hiking for
  • The distance you hike
  • The speed of your hike
  • The terrain you hike (cross country, uphill, downhill etc)
  • How steep the hills are

A 150 pound person with no backpack hiking for 60 mins at 2.5 miles per hour cross country will burn: 351 calories.

The same person with a 20lb backpack on hiking at for 60 mins at speed of 3 miles and up up and down hills of 4% incline will burn: 464 calories.

The impact of hills on your calories burned

On first glance you might think hiking down hill burns less calories than hiking cross country.

This is true when the incline is fairly shallow, as gravity helps and it requires less effort than walking on the flat. However as the incline becomes steeper your body needs to work more to “put the brakes on” and the rate of calorie burn increases.

Calories Burned Hiking Calculator

This calculator gives your a simple way to estimate the calories your burned on your hike based on average metabolic rates.

  1. Enter your weight
  2. Enter the weight of any backpack you wore (enter 0 if you didn’t carry a backpack)
  3. Enter how long you hiked for
  4. Enter the distance you hiked (the calculator uses your time and distance to work out the speed)
  5. Select the type of hike:
    • relatively flat cross country
    • combination of uphill and downhill
    • all uphill
    • all downhill
  6. If hills are involved, choose the approximate avg incline

The calculator will then use all of these factors to estimate your calories burned.

If you’re looking for something more relevant for level firm surface walking, use the calories burned walking calculator.

Calories Burned Hiking Calculator