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Calories Burned Swimming Calculator

How many calories do you burn swimming 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or more?

How much does your speed and swim stroke matter?​

Your weight, swim time, stroke and speed have the biggest impact on how many calories you burn swimming.

For example about 950 calories per hour are burned for an 200 pound person swimming front crawl at 20 second length pace and about 360 calories per hour are burned for a 130 pound person swimming front crawl at 60 second length pace.

Calories burned swimming calculator

The calories burned swimming calculator will give you a personal estimate of how many calories you burned swimming based on average metabolic rates. 

The calorie counter for swimming uses your weight, minutes spent swimming, swimming stroke, and speed which we calculate from the distance.

Calories Burned Swimming Calculator

The first step in your weight loss journey is understanding what your current weight means.

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Then grab some new swim gear** and jump straight in the pool!

How Many Calories Does Swimming Breaststroke Burn Per Hour?

Swimming breaststroke will burn between 300 and 560 calories per hour.
That’s 150 to 280 calories for a 30 minute session, depending on your weight and speed.
Doing the same swim in front crawl will burn 10% more calories.

The amount of calories burned will depend on your weightswimming stroketime spent swimming and then to a lesser degree speed. Use the calculator below for a custom calculation.

How many calories do you burn doing the breaststroke vs backstroke?

Swimming breaststroke will burn 10% more calories than backstroke.
For example here’s the calorie burn for a 200 pound person swimming each stroke for 60 minutes:


What burns the most calories running or swimming and which is better?

Minute for minute running burns around 70% more calories than swimming. However running is very high impact and may not be practical if you are overweight.

1 hour running followed by 4 weeks not running due to injury, burns far less calories than a steady hours swim 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

Swimming is an ideal starter exercise if you’re overweight. It is easy on your joints and won’t cause you the injuries frequently experienced by new runners.

A good progression path is to start your exercise routine with swimming. When you start to lose some weight and increase fitness, include walking. Then as that get’s easier change the walking to running.
See these plans for more help:

How much swimming is equivalent to running a mile?

A 40 minute front crawl swim is equivalent to running 1 mile.

Swimming Workouts

calories burned swimming

Swimming can provide a great exercise workout. Swimming is a particularly great workout if you suffering from impact related joint pain or are looking to add some cross training into your workout routine, as you can continue with swimming, burning calories with reduced stress and impact on your body.

During your swimming exercise routine aim to swim laps at a fast pace, but ensure this is a pace you can maintain for the duration. The time you spend swimming will affect you calorie burn far more than the speed. You will burn more calories if you spend twice as much time in your swimming workout than if you perform it at twice the speed.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming can provide you an excellent all round workout:

  • Front & Back Crawl workout your arms & shoulders
  • Breast stroke works your chest and thighs
  • Butterfly (if you can manage it) focuses on your chest and abs

Whichever stroke you use, the benefits of swimming are:

  • Low impact exercise
  • increased fitness
  • increased lung capacity
  • extra calorie burn

This is the calories burned swimming front crawl for 60 minutes at a steady pace:

Weight (lbs)Calories

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