• Noleen Arendse

    Noleen has a BSc in Occupational Therapy. She is a nutrition and fitness writer and editor at She has worked as an editor for several health-related websites and books. Noleen enjoys walking, weight training and HIIT workouts in and around a busy schedule.

Our editorial process

How we provide trustworthy, accessible, and accurate information

At CBHQ we believe regular exercise makes people happier and that is should be simple, fun and accessible to everyone.

We’re committed to bringing you accurate information to help you exercise in a way that works for you.

The CBHQ team has established our editorial process to ensure we’re give you the best information possible. These are the core principals of our editorial process:

  1. Simplicity of message and usage
  2. Earning and maintaining trust
  3. High journalistic standards
  4. Continual monitoring and updating of content

1. Simplicity of message and usage

We believe a great deal of the health and fitness industry is built on the back of making things complicated. 

We don’t do that. Sometimes topics get involved but, we figure out the complex stuff and make it simple so anyone can understand.

The same goes for any of our calculators or tools – our continued focus is to make them as simple and easy to use as possible.

2. Earning and maintaining trust

Our content is trustworthy, accurate, evidence-based and actionable.

We believe exercise and fitness is a personal journey and it should be different for everyone. We aim to help you find the information to work through the journey at the pace that’s right for you.

3. High journalistic standards

We recognise it’s our responsibility to drive high journalistic standards. Our content is unbiased, balanced, research-backed, honest, comprehensive. and actionable.

Here’s how we ensure we meet these standards:

  • We thoroughly vet all the brands we partner with and mention in our content. We won’t ever recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.
  • All content is checked to meet our standards. Our in-house editorial team touches every piece of content before it is published, double-checking to ensure it meets our rigorous editorial standards of accuracy,  simplicity and quality sourcing.

4. Continual monitoring and updating of content

Exercise and fitness information changes frequently as new research emerges and old ideas are disproven or technology makes new things possible.

At CBHQ, we continually monitor and update our content to make sure we’re sharing the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Our team focuses on identifying and updating , old, inaccurate or unclear information.

We undertake content updating and re-review as a result of several ongoing processes:

  • Regular audits. We perform regular audits of content to ensure it’s up to date, complete and easy to understand.
  • Annual brand vetting. We re-evaluate vetted brands on a yearly basis and update any content referencing those brands to reflect any changes in the brand’s performance against our vetting criteria.
  • Immediate action from feedback. We invite reader feedback on our content and take immediate action to address any potential issues. When a reader alerts us about a potential issue with our content — such as inaccurate, outdated, unclear, or contradictory information — we take immediate action. Our editorial teams researches the feedback, determines what revisions are needed, and republishes the updated content.