Calories Burned Spinning Calculator

Written by Gareth Chapman
calories burned spinning

Spinning Calories Burned Calculator

Use this simple calculator to estimate how many calories you burned during your spinning class.

    1. Enter your weight
    2. Enter the time spent spinning
    3. Select the intensity of your exercise

To estimate the intensity of your exercise use this as a guide

      • Low: You could sing while doing your Spinning workout
      • Mid: You could talk while doing your Spinning workout
      • High: You are out of breath and could not talk while doing your Spinning workout

The calculator will give you an estimate of the number of calories burned based on average metabolic rates.

Spinning Calories Burned Calculator
  • lbs
  • kgs
  • Low Intensity
  • Mid Intensity
  • High Intensity

How Many Calories Does Spinning Burn?

The number of calories you’ll burn during your spin session will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • How long your class is
  • How much you weigh
  • The intensity at which you exercise

It’s also checking out your calories burned biking to compare.

For example here’s the calorie burn for a person of 150 lbs at an average intensity based on different class times

  • 20 minutes : 103
  • 30 minutes : 206
  • 45 minutes : 462
  • 50 minutes : 514
  • 1 hour : 617

If a 200 lb person attended the same classes but exercised at a higher intensity the calorie burn could look like this:

  • 20 minutes : 325
  • 30 minutes : 488
  • 45 minutes : 732
  • 50 minutes : 814
  • 1 hour : 976

Calories Burned Spinning Versus Running

Spinning at a low leisurely intensity burns a similar number of calories to running for the same amount of time at 4.5 mph

Spinning at an average intensity is roughly equal to the calories burned running for the same amount of time at 5mph

Spinning at high intensity will burn around the same amount of calories as running for the same amount of time at 6mph. 

Calories Burned Spinning Versus Elliptical

Spinning for any amount of time will burn almost twice as many calories than calories burned on elliptical working out for the same amount of time at the same intensity.

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