Shimano Shoe Sizing

Shimano Shoe Sizing Chart

Shimano use european sizing. Here’s a handy reference conversion chart.

shimano shoe sizing chart for men and women

If you’re looking for wide shoes, check out our guide to wide cycling shoes.

Women have different shaped feet to men, so for ladies shoes also check our guide on women’s spinning shoes or our Peloton shoe sizing guide.

About Shimano Shoes

Shimano started in Japan in 1921. They believe in promoting health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.

They have been building precision engineered components for almost 100 years. Starting with bike freewheels, and then expanding the biking components. After covering the bike market, Shimano expanded into fishing reels, rods and rowing equipment.

Shimano now make cycling shoes (including wide cycling shoes), pedal, wheels, clothing and all other cycling accessories.

Shimano’s high-end products are at the center of all professional cycling events.

Shimano have really set the standard for a lot of bike equipment. The SPD cleat (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) for example, is the standard for clipless cleats.

Shimano also supply shoes to a few other big brands, for example Peloton cycling shoes are actually manufactured by Shimano but just sold under the Peloton brand. 


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Peloton shoe sizing

Peloton Shoe Sizing Tool

Use this Peloton shoe sizing tool or our Peloton shoe size chart to find the perfect size in Peloton cycling shoes.

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