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Written by Gareth Chapman

How strong are you?

Use this Wilks calculator to find out.

The Wilks score strength level calculator uses a precise formula to measure a powerlifter’s relative strength. 

Enter your details into the calculator to workout out score and learn more.

wilks score stregth level calculator

Wilks Score Calculator

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What is the Wilks Score Strength Level calculator?

The Wilks score strength level calculator is also known as the Wilks formula or the Wilks coefficient. This technique effectively measures the relative personal strength of powerlifters, even across multiple weight classes. 

Rather than determining the max strength, it factors in the individual’s body weight to create an appropriate ratio measurement. The Wilks score strength level calculator determines the power-to-weight ratio of an individual. Then, you can compare this result to another lifter to reveal the person with the highest strength level. 

How to use the Wilks calculator

You only need to enter a few simple details to use the Wilks calculator correctly. 

  1. Choose male or female 
  2. Enter your body weight by pounds or kilograms 
  3. Enter the total weight you lifted by pounds or kilograms 
  4. Select the original calculation formula or the updated 2020 version
  5. Compare your results 


The results of this calculation accurately depict your strength level so that you can compare it to others, regardless of sex or body weight. 

For example, a male with a Wilks score of 300 is an entry-level lifter who is building their strength. However, a woman with a score of 400 has more power per pound, even though her total weight lifted is less than what the male is capable of. 

Use the Wilks Score Calculator below to work out your Wilks Score.

Who developed the Wilks formula?

The CEO of Powerlifting Australia, Robert Wilks, developed this mathematical coefficient we now know as the Wilks formula. 

The Wilks formula’s original intent was not to track personal progress but to compare one powerlifter’s strength to another across weight classes. However, it’s an excellent tool for some individuals to use in identifying any strength increases over time to predict success in competition

It has long been the standard for powerlifters in the industry. However, in 2020, the original formula was rebalanced to accommodate middle and extreme body weight classes for a more accurate measurement. 

What is the Wilks formula used for?

The Wilks formula has been the long-term acceptable measurement method for powerlifters worldwide with Powerlifting Australia, the International Powerlifting Federation, and World Powerlifting. 

Because a heavier lifter is more often able to lift more weight than lighter lifters, this coefficient can effectively measure overall strength compared to body weight. In some competitions, a Wilks formula helps measure

  • bench press
  • deadlift
  • squat 

The Wilks score is a universal formula for all powerlifters but includes separate coefficients for men and women to produce accurate results. 

The end result provides a more accurate comparison of drastically different lifters to determine the stronger individual. It can also measure a lifter’s powerlifting total as a whole component rather than per movement. 

This standard enables you to compare men to women with a fair and accurate formula. In addition, the Open Powerlifting Database allows anyone to compare results with professionals. 

What are the Wilks Score standards?

For aspiring athletes to gauge a real-world result, the Wilks score includes a set of standard measurements to base your score. These standards include:




A beginner lifter with a solid lifting foundation and room to grow

350 – 400

Comparable to powerlifters in national-level competitions


A champion-level standard powerlifter


A likely top-10 competitor in your weight class


Only comparable to approximately 1% of powerlifters in the world


Close to the top powerlifter for Wilk’s results

What is a good Wilks Score for beginners?

Determining a good Wilks score can provide a benchmark for measuring your current strength or comparing yourself to others. For example, if you have a Wilks score of 250, this is a promising number that reflects some introductory powerlifting work. 

You can also determine the calories burned weightlifting to help reduce your body weight without decreasing strength. This way, you can bring up your Wilks score with regular training. 

What is a decent Wilks Score overall?

No matter where you fall in weight class, if you have a Wilks score between 350 and 400, you are reaching for a competitive result. So, if your goal is to achieve a decent Wilks score, it will take dedication and work to reach this level. Typically, powerlifters will enter this range after two or three years of consistent training. 

Who has the highest Wilks score?

Searching for the highest Wilks score is easy with the Open Powerlifting Rankings database. Here, you can filter results according to the original Wilks formula or the 2020 updated version. 

Marianna Gasparyan holds the highest Wilks score for the original and 2020 formulas. 

How to use the Wilks Score Strength Level calculator for yourself

Although the Wilks score strength level calculator is one of the preferred measurements accessible for powerlifters worldwide, this tool is readily available to anyone. 

You can use this coefficient to measure and track your weightlifting progress or to work towards a strength goal. Aspiring powerlifters will often reflect on their Wilks score as they prepare for a local or regional competition. 

Alternatively, this simple tool can be a friendly way to compete with your gym buddies to see who has the most strength overall. 


  • The Wilks Score Strength Level calculator is a widely-accepted measurement for powerlifters worldwide.
  • Robert Wilks, the CEO of Powerlifting Australia, created this coefficient formula as an effective tool for measuring total overall strength across different weight classes.
  • You can quickly find your Wilks Score by entering your sex, body weight, and maximum lifted weight into the automatic calculation.
  • There are two versions of this formula, including the original and a revised 2020 alternative.
  • Although the Wilks Score Strength Level calculator is present in powerlifting competitions and organizations, aspiring weightlifters and powerlifters can use it to measure their periodic progress.



Wilks Score standards:

  • 300: Beginner with potential to grow
  • 350-400: Comparable to national-level powerlifters
  • 450: Champion-level standard
  • 500: Likely top-10 competitor in weight class.
  • 550: Top 1% in the world
  • 600:  One of the top powerlifters world-wide

Wilks formula: A constant divided by a fifth-degree polynomial in bodyweight. Dots formula:

A constant divided by a fourth-degree polynomial in bodyweight. (Apr 20, 2021)

The Wilks Score, also called the Wilks Coefficient, quantifies powerlifting strength relative to lifters of diverse bodyweights and genders.

Its creator is Robert Wilks from Powerlifting Australia.

The Wilks Calculator uses your body weight and weight lifted with the Wilks Coefficient to workout your score.

You can chose between the original coefficient or the updated 2020 version.