Calories Burned Swimming Calculator

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

A rough way to relate the calories you burn swimming compared to other activities:

  • Going slowly, your calories burned swimming will be roughly equivalent to the same as a brisk walk
  • At a medium pace of 1.5 laps of a standard swimming pool per minute, your swimming calorie burn will be around the level of a medium level intensity aerobics class
  • Swimming fast at more than 2 laps per minute will start to burn calories around the same rate of a slow run

Swimming Calories Burned Calculator

Our calories burned swimming calculator will give you a personal estimate of how many calories you burned swimming based on average metabolic rates. The calorie counter for swimming uses your weight, minutes spent swimming, swimming stroke, and speed which we calculate from the distance.

Calories Burned Swimming Calculator

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Then grab some new swim gear and jump straight in the pool!

Calories Burned Swimming

calories burned swimmingSwimming can provide a great exercise workout. Swimming is a particularly great workout if you suffering from impact related joint pain or are looking to add some cross training into your workout routine, as you can continue with swimming, burning calories with reduced stress and impact on your body.

Swimming Workouts

During your swimming exercise routine aim to swim laps at a fast pace, but ensure this is a pace you can maintain for the duration. The time you spend swimming will affect you calorie burn far more than the speed. You will burn more calories if you spend twice as much time in your swimming workout than if you perform it at twice the speed.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming can provide you an excellent all round workout:

  • Front & Back Crawl workout your arms & shoulders
  • Breast stroke works your chest and thighs
  • Butterfly (if you can manage it) focuses on your chest and abs

Whichever stroke you use, the benefits of swimming are:

  • Low impact exercise
  • increased fitness
  • increased lung capacity
  • extra calorie burn