Yoga Calories Burned Calculator

Written by Gareth Chapman
yoga calories burned

A 60 minutes yoga class will burn between 200 – 600 calories, depending on your weight and type of yoga.

This yoga calories calculator allows you to quickly see how many calories you are likely to have burned during your yoga session based on average metabolic rates.

Simply enter your weight, the minutes you performed yoga for and then select the yoga type.

Yoga Calories Burned Calculator

Yoga Calories Burned

Yoga is a great way of keeping fit and flexible and also burns calories to help with weight loss.

Even people who are very unfit or overweight or with limited mobility can usually find a yoga style which will suit them.

It is often felt to be relaxing and restorative and reduces feelings of stress. It needs minimal equipment to start so can be very low cost.

How many calories does yoga burn?

Usually when people begin a new exercise they want to know what effect it will have and, if trying to lose weight, how many calories it will burn. It can be difficult to calculate calories burned.

There are several different kinds of yoga and the calories burned during each are different.

Different people will also burn different numbers of calories doing the same exercise depending the length of yoga class, their weight, fat percentage, and many other genetic differences.

You will see that there are great differences possible in calories burned with yoga.

For instance someone weighing 140lbs and performing Hatha yoga for 60 minutes would only burn around 177 calories while someone weighing 200 lbs would burn around 252 calories in the same time.

If they both did Hot yoga or Bikram (a specific type of hot yoga) for the same time the person weighing 140 lbs would burn around 447 calories and the one weighing 200 lbs woudl burn around 638 calories.