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Zumba Insurance

Every Zumba Instructor operates as an independent contractor and carries their own public liability insurance applicable to their area of operation.

As a new instructor you will need to buy a personal liability insurance policy to protect yourself and your students in case of any injuries. You can either purchase Zumba insurance coverage via your own insurance agent or through an online agency which specifically provides insurance covering fitness trainers and instructors for group exercises.

For no further fee, it may be possible to list the venue of your class as an additional insured, some venues require instructors that rent their premises to carry insurance covering the venue too.

For links to Zumba Insurance read our information on Zumba Instructor Legal Requirements

In addition to obtaining you Zumba insurance you should investigate obtaining or creating a liability waiver. We have created an example Zumba Waiver Form for you to use as a template, however the regulations concerning the rights of instructors and students are different from state to state and country to country, so you should consult your local lawyer for further clarification.

A liability waiver indicates the student will not blame or sue the instructor if they suffer any injury during a Zumba class.

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