How to Watch TV on NordicTrack or ProForm Treadmills

Written by Gareth Chapman

Warning: Following these steps may invalidate your warranty – Use caution, below be monsters!

Are you tired of being locked out of using the full capabilities of your NordicTrack or ProForm treadmill’s smart console?

Look no further, because we have the solution for you…How to watch TV on NordicTrack or ProForm treadmills.

Below you’ll learn about iFIT Privileged Mode and see how to access it. With Privileged Mode, you can install and use any app you like on your treadmill, bypassing the restrictions put in place by iFIT.

These instructions have been refined and used by thousands.

Get ready to take control of your treadmill and start streaming your favorite TV shows.

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watch tv on Nordictrack or ProForm treadmills


What is iFIT Privileged Mode

The smart console on your NordicTrack or ProForm treadmill is just an Android tablet. As such, it is perfectly capable of running all the TV streaming apps, or at a minimum letting you view TV via a browser.

However, ICON Fitness – who make NordicTrack and ProForm, don’t want you using the treadmill to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime.

So, they make sure the treadmills are locked down. This prevents you from accessing the rest of the Android features, like the browser or app installation.


Occasionally a NordicTrack or ProForm treadmill will need some technical maintenance via the smart screen.

So, they built in a back door🚪, which lets you get to the underlying Android system.

The backdoor is called Privileged Mode.

In Privileged Mode you can install and use whatever apps you like on your treadmill.

Pin-code changes

In the past, you could easily access Privileged Mode by tapping the screen 10 times.

People were watching whatever TV shows they wanted on their treadmills.

The world was fair…..Then the Lord of the Dark Tower of Mordor, made one ring to rule them all.

iFIT pushed out an update that meant you had to have a pin code to get into Privileged Mode…..

…But the creatures of Middle Earth (i.e. Reddit) fought back.

How to get into Privileged Mode

Privileged Mode gives you access to the Android OS, so you can open a web browser or install apps.

These steps show how can you watch a movie while running on treadmill.

Factory reset

The first step is to factory reset the software on the console. You may need help from another person here.

On the treadmill console unit look for a pinhole.

  1. Turn the power off
  2. Put a paperclip into the pinhole to push the reset button
  3. Keeping the paperclip pushed in the pinhole, button, turn the power back on
  4. Keep the paper clip in the piphole button for 10 seconds

You will see the iFIT logo along with “system recovery: please wait…” highlighted in blue. This is the boot-up factory reset screen.

Once you’ve done the factory reset, do not connect to wifi until you have disabled iFIT Updates.

Secret tap sequence

To get into privileged mode now follow these steps:

  1. Select iFit Settings | Maintenance
  2. Below Further Options there is a blank area: Quickly tap this area of the screen 10 times
  3. Wait 7 seconds
  4. Quickly tap the screen 10 more times
If it’s worked you will see a message saying Privileged mode is enabled

If you don’t see the message, repeat again.

Once enabled, if you want to disable privileged mode, just repeat the procedure again.

Response code

Depending on the age of your NordicTrack or ProForm treadmill, the reset might take you to a version that allows you straight into Privileged Mode, or it might take you to a version that prompts for a pin code.

iFit have built this so you would have to call NordicTrack customer support to get the pin-code. They will not give it to you unless you can prove you need to perform maintenance.

So if you are asked for a pin-code use the site

How to disable iFIT updates

Perform these steps straight-away after getting into Privileged Mode to prevent  auto updating to a later version of iFIT and locking you out again.

  1. Menu | Settings | Equipment Info | Machine Info |
  2. Find the Console UUID – tap the number to the right 5 times – this opens iFit Admin Screen
  3. In the iFit Admin app, at the top right of the screen tap 5 times will open the Secret Menu
  4. Chose the first option to toggled from Auto Update Enabled to Auto-Upgrade Disabled

Here’s a video of the steps:

FAQs: How to Watch TV on NordicTrack or ProForm Treadmills

  1. Follow steps on this page to get into Privileged Mode
  2. Open a browser and navigate to 
  1. Follow steps on this page to get into Privileged Mode
  2. Go to the Android Wifi settings and connect to your WiFi network.
  3. Open the browser and search for ‘Netflix APK’ using Google
  4. Navigate to the Netflix Help Centre article ( and follow the steps to install the Netflix app

Note: If you are using the iFIT app on a treadmill, browsing to Netflix will cause the treadmill to stop or pause. To resume or start the treadmill, press the physical start button when the Netflix app is active.”

Follow steps on this page to get into Privileged Mode.

Factory reset then use secret tap sequence. See details above to see how to watch TV on NordicTrack or ProForm treadmills


  • The console runs android and is capable of running any streaming apps like Netflix etc
  • NordicTrack / ProForm do not want you to watch Netflix – they want you to pay for iFit
  • Privileged Mode is a back door that allows you to install Netflix and other apps
  • To get into Privileged Mode: Factory reset then use secret tap sequence
  • After resetting disable auto-updates via secret admin menu to prevent further updates blocking you out of Privileged Mode again