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Quick Start Walking Program For Beginners

Are you looking to do some exercising and don’t know where to start? Maybe you just used our BMI calculator and decided it’s time to make a change. Let us help you with our quick start walking program for beginners.

Walking Program For Beginners

As with any exercise program, if you have any concerns or existing medical conditions consult a doctor before starting.

Within 5 weeks the following program will take you from sofa to walking 2.5 hours every week. That gets you to the point where depending on your weight you could be burning an extra 750 – 1000 calories per week! (check your own calorie burn with our calculator using your weight, normal pace & 150 minutes)

Once able to walk 150 minutes per week, if you combine this with a reduced calorie diet, cutting back by just 350 – 500 calories per day you could expect to safely and consistently lose 1-2 pounds per week.


The red values show how many minutes each day to walk for, you have two rest days a week, make sure to keep these as rest days and give your body a bit of recovery time. If you need to move days that’s fine but don’t do any more than 3 days together without a rest day in between.

If you find yourself unable to complete one week just repeat it again the next week before moving on.

Don’t worry too much about your speed, the main thing to focus on getting into the routine of exercising and maintaining a sustainable pace. Concentrate on being able to go out on each activity day rather than pushing yourself to go too fast and causing an injury.

Right! Don’t delay starting your walking program for beginners, there is no day better than today to start! Make sure to come on over to our Facebook Page and tell us how you’re getting on.

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