peloton cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are a must to get the most out of your Peloton bike. 

But you don’t need to buy them from Peloton.

Below is everything you’ll need to find and use the pair, best for you.

Best Peloton shoes

What type of shoes can you use with Peloton?​

Normal sneakers

Ideally, you should use some cycling shoes with your Peloton bike so you can clip in. However it is possible to just use your normal gym sneakers if you want.

In order to use normal sneakers with Peloton you will need to change the pedals to fit a toe cage.

spinning in normal shoes

Once you have the toe cage pedal attached, position your foot so the ball of the foot is on the center of the pedal as shown here.

Why you should use cycling shoes with your Peloton bike

muscles worked spinning with normal shoes

While it is possible to use normal sneakers with your Peloton bike, buying some proper cycling shoes will massively change the quality of your workout.

When using normal sneakers, each foot pushes down in turn. The work is done by your quads, glutes and calf muscles.

extra muscles worked wearing spin shoes

When you use cycling shoes, as well as just pushing down, because you are clipped in, you can now pull up too.

This act of pulling up engages a whole separate set of muscles, which are not used without the cycling shoes.

Now as well as your quads, you’re working your hamstrings (at the back of your thighs), hip flexors and lower front legs.

Pulling the pedals also helps to keep your pedal stroke fluid and reduces stress on your knees.

The fact you clip your  feet to the pedals will stop the play often found if using a toe cage, making it easier on climbs.

If you only wear normal sneakers, you will find they will tend to wrap slightly around the pedals. This can lead to extra stress ad numbness if your feet.

Road Shoes

Road shoes are ideal for Peloton, they are the firmest and most efficient at transferring power to pedal.

Road shoes have protruding Look Delta cleats – which are the same used by Peloton bikes.

Generally the more expensive a cycling shoe the more rigid the sole.

Road shoe soles are typically partial or full carbon making them very rigid and great a power transfer.

Below you will find the best road shoes recommended for use with Peloton.

Touring Shoes / Cross Road Shoes

Touring shoes are often called by different names:

  • Tour shoes
  • Cross (road) shoes
  • City shoes
  • Commute shoes

Tour / commute shoes use recessed SPD cleats

They can be used with your Peloton bike, but will require changing the pedals.

They have rubber soles, and look more like hiking shoes or normal gym sneakers. Because of this rubber sole they are not as efficient with Peloton as road shoes.

As tour shoes use recessed SPD cleats, the cleat doesn’t touch the floor and you can walk around normally in them.

If you are buying shoes just for Peloton, don’t get touring shoes. But if you’re also looking for something you can wear to the gym or on some family bike rides at the weekend they might be of interest. 

Mountain Bike Shoes (MTB)

Mountain bike shoes ( often referred to simply as MTB) have a stiffer sole than touring shoes. Yet they will still have some degree of flex.

Mountain bike shoes use SPD cleats

They can be used with your Peloton bike, but will require changing the pedals.

The sole is has a bumpy grip so you can walk or run with your bike through mud if needed.

If you are buying shoes just for Peloton, don’t get mountain bike shoes. But if you’re already into mountain biking, you can use your existing shoes on Peloton with a simple pedal change.

Peloton shoe size chart tool

Use this peloton shoe size chart tool to easily look up you size in Peloton shoes.

How to fit cleats

The pedals on your Peloton bike fit Look Delta cleats.

Some shoes you buy will come with the cleats, for others you’ll need to buy them separately. Even the shoes that include the cleats, only some will come attached, so you will need to attach them yourself.

Don’t be daunted by fitting cleats, you don’t need to be a blackbelt DIY Jedi master. 

This video shows you how to fit cleats…

Peloton compatible Look Delta cleats

Most shoes won’t come with cleats included, so you’ll need to buy them separately.

These Look Delta cleats will fit all shoes on this page and are Peloton compatible.

How to change Peloton pedals

If you want to use your Peloton bike with SPD cleats (for mountain bike shoes, tour shoes or other spin shoes) or for use with normal sneakers you’ll need to change the pedals.

This can sound like a scary task, but it is really very simple.

This video walks you through exactly what wrench to use, which direction to turn the bolts and how to change the Peloton pedals in just a few minutes.

Wellgo SPD and cage pedals

These pedals will fit Peloton bikes.

They have SPD cleat clips on one side and toe cage on the other side. So you can use with and SPD cycling shoe as well as normal sneakers.

The Shimano PD-M530 will also fit Peloton bikes.

If you only want to use cycling shoes with SPD cleats and don’t need a cage, these are the best choice to fit. Both sides have clips to fit SPD cleats.

Best Peloton shoes / alternative

Best value women's Peloton shoe, easiest to get started with

The Pista 100 from Tommaso are the most popular women’s Peloton shoes. They come with cleats already fitted and are one of the cheapest available.

These are a women’s fit. That doesn’t just mean small. It means they are specifically designed for the size and shape of women’s feet.

The upper is synthetic leather with padding to hug your foot. The toe box and top has mesh, which maximizes ventilation. The ventilation is further aided by the breathability of the tongue and inner liner.

They fasten with three velcro straps. These provide a comfortable, secure fit while remaining adjustable mid ride.

The sole uses reinforced nylon, for efficient power transfer. On the sole you’ll also find non-skid walking strips.

They come with Look Delta (Peloton compatible) cleats already fitted (make sure to choose the Look Delta option when buying). They are also compatible with SPD 2 bolt cleats. Most gym spin classes use SPD cleats, so these give you the flexibility to also join a friend at her spin class with a simple change of cleats.

The Tommaso Pista 100 are ideal if you’re a women wanting minimum fuss and minimum expense to get started on your Peloton bike.

Other designs

Best value men's ratchet fastening

Tommaso Strada 200, unlike the Strada 100 have a buckle ratchet fastening with two velcro straps.

The ratchet fastening allows you to make minor adjustments while working out, by feeding or releasing another tooth through the ratchet. This can make a big difference as your feet swell during a ride.

The tops have mesh inserts for ventilation and a reinforced toe box.

Underneath the shoe has air port for ventilation of the underside of your foot.

The heal and toe have non-skid walking strips to allow a small amount of walking, but these are primarily intended for on-bike use.

The Strada 200 has bolt holes for both 2 and 3 hole cleats, making it compatible with other spin bikes if you want to change the cleats.

They come with Look Delta cleats (Peloton compatible) already attached for minimum fuss, so you can jump straight on your bike.


Best value men's velcro fastening

The key difference between the Tommaso Strada 100 and the Strada 200 is the top fastening. The 100 uses a velcro strap, where the 200 has a ratchet buckle.

The top of the shoes have mesh inserts for ventilation and a reinforced toe box.

Underneath the shoe has air port for ventilation of the underside of your foot.

The heal and toe have non-skid walking strips to allow a small amount of walking, but these are primarily intended for road or spin use.

They have bolt holes for both 2 and 3 hole cleats, making them compatible with all types of bikes. They come with Look Delta cleats already attached, making them nice and easy to get started with.

Both the Strada 100 and 200 are similarly priced, the choice between them mainly comes down to one of preference over the type of fastening. Generally most people prefer the ratchet type used by the Strada 200, however some people find it more cumbersome to get their feet into ratchet straps and so prefer the Strada 100.


One of the cheapest

The Gavin VELO are a great value road bike shoe ideal for Peloton.

They come in two-tone black and red, with an upper made from synthetic leather and breathable mesh, helping to keep them lightweight and cool.

The toe box is well vented to keep your feet cool, and is also fairly wide. 

They are fastened via three velcro straps.

The outsole is made of fiberglass, further adding to the features which keep this shoe cool while peddling. The heel cup is molded to help keep the heel stable.

They are compatible with both two bolt Look Delta cleats ( for Peloton) and two bolt SPD cleats (other spin classes / mountain biking).

The cleats are not included, but cheaply available.

Matching cleats


Ideal for women with sweaty feet, easiest to put on and can be worn sockless

Pearl Izumi designed the Tri Fly for triathlon. But they make for an ideal alternative Peloton shoe.

Being designed for triathlon makes the Tri Fly amazing at ventilation. During a triathlon people jump out of the water and onto the bike, body still wet. So they are designed to drain the water, aerate and dry the foot. With this in mind the upper is made of three layers of composite full of ventilation mesh. There are also three ventilation meshes on the sole. 

They are a women’s shoe, designed for the shape and size of a woman’s foot. So if you’re a man (or a woman with wider than average foot), take a look at the Fly Fierce as next best for ventilation.

The triathlon design allows you to wear them without socks as the the upper is seamless and won’t rub your feet.
Slipping them on and off is easy, with the triathlon grab band at the back fo the shoe.

Fastening is via the two hook and loop velcro straps. They snuggly fit your feet with no pressure hotspots and if necessary are easy to adjust mid ride.

The sole is carbon powder, giving them an great firmness for pedal power transfer, yet keeping them feather light.
They are available in white/gray or hot pink.

They fit three bolt Look Delta cleats for Peloton bikes, not included but available cheaply.

If you’re a women who’s feet sweat a lot during your Peloton workout, look no further..

Other designs

Matching cleats


Best Shimano Peloton women's shoe

The SH-RP2 are made by Shimano who also make the Peloton branded shoe

They are a women’s cut, specifically shaped for women’s feet and are ideal for Peloton.

The upper is synthetic leather with large mesh ventilation strips across the top and toe box.

They fasten with three hook and loop velcro straps, providing a secure, snug, mid-workout adjustable fit. The sole is fiberglass-reinforced nylon, which transfer power to pedal efficiently.

Shimano uses an offset strap design, which relieves pressure on the more sensitive areas of your foot.

They are compatible with both two and three bolt clips meaning you can wear them on your Peloton bike, but if you choose to join a friend at spin class you can just fit some SPD cleats.

Cleats are not included.

If you have wide feet, make sure to choose a size labeled up as such, e.g. “38 W US”.

Other designs

Matching cleats


Great ventilated alternative to the Peloton shoe, for both men and women

The Fly Fierce are made by Peloton’s main competitor Flywheel.

The shoes use the same Look Delta cleats as Peloton and unlike the Peloton shoes, they come already attached.

The upper has three velcro straps for a secure fit.

There are bags of mesh on the upper, helping to keep your feet cool and well ventilated.

The insole is designed to prevent numb feet. On the bottom the sole include heal and toe grips.



peleton shoe

Peloton's own brand shoes

Peloton sell their own shoes. They are actually a rebranded Shimano shoe, as such they are of a very high quality and comfortable.

They have a breathable upper with mesh for ventilation. The base also has ventilation to help keep your feet cool.

They fasten with three velcro straps, the top one using a ratchet for secure fitting. The cleats come included with the shoes.

Ideal for Peloton, though a little on the expensive side, there are definitely cheaper options. However if you’re using you’re Peloton accessories discount that came with the bike that could work out really cheap for you.