Kinni App Review

Written by Gareth Chapman
kinni app
Our verdict: 4.9

The Kinni App is a must have companion for your treadmill runs!

It has built-in training plans, a huge professionally curated library  of running workouts, along with a custom workout builder.

Kinni connects via bluetooth to your treadmill and automatically changes the speed and incline to drive your run exactly as you planned.

Kinni’s FitCast tech makes any connected treadmill Zwift compatible, so you can run virtually round cities like London or New York.

Once your run is complete all details are available in easy to understand reports and Kinni will optionally auto upload your run to Strava.

If you’re serious about your treadmill workouts, you need the Kinni App!

Kinni app review: – Below you’ll find full details on how it works, all the features and what we thought. 

How we rated Kinni:

Price 100%
Training plans 100%
Pre-built workouts 100%
Custom workouts 100%
Treadmill runs 100%
Outdoor runs 70%
Make treadmills Zwift compatible 100%
Workout reports 100%
Synch to Strava 100%

This review was based on the Kinni version available in March 2023.

All features were weighted, then evaluated against comparable products. Where we found other products had superior capabilities we deducted points from Kinni.

Finally, the functional scorings were multiplied against their weightings to determine the overall score.

Pros & Cons



What's covered in this review?

Who is the Kinni app for?

The Kinni app is for anyone who wants to use a bluetooth treadmill, footpod or heart rate monitor for running workouts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, the app provides a range of training plans, workouts, and tools to help you achieve your running goals.

If you’re looking to run pre-programmed workouts on a bluetooth treadmill – Kinni is for you!

How does the app work?

Kinni is an app developed by the team at NoblePro. NoblePro is a UK-based treadmill manufacturer that specialises in high-end treadmills. 

The kinni app is first and foremost designed to work with the NoblePro Elite E8i and E8.0 treadmills, but it can also connect to other Bluetooth-enabled treadmills, footpods and heart rate monitors from brands like:

Kinni provides running training plans and hundreds of professionally created workouts. You also have the ability to create your own custom workouts. The app connects to your treadmill via bluetooth and will adjust the speed and incline to match your workout. 

Kinni can also convert a regular bluetooth treadmill into a Zwift compatible treadmill, by performing real-time relay of your workout details onto a device running Zwift.

On completion of your workout Kinni can automatically upload your workout to Strava or TrainingPeaks.

Getting started with Kinni

To get started with Kinni, simply download and install it for free from your App store:



Kinni is free to download and you can signup for free membership.

The free membership gives you all features, however you are limited to 3 workouts per month. Use this as a taster session to make sure it works with your treadmill and you like the app.

When you want to run more than 3 workouts a month you can upgrade to either the monthly or yearly membership, which are £5.99 or £24.99 respectively. Yearly subscription is highly discounted. With paid membership you can run as many workouts as you want.

If you buy a NoblePro treadmill you get lifetime membership for free.

Free Membership

  • Limited to 3 workouts a month

Monthly Membership

£ 5
  • Full unlimited features

Yearly Membership

£ 24
  • Full unlimited features​

With NoblePro Treadmill

  • Full unlimited features​

If you haven’t yet got a bluetooth treadmill both the NoblePro Elite E8i and E8.o are one of the best on the UK market. See more in our noblepro elite e8i review


Let’s take a closer look at the Kinni app features.

Training plans


One of our favourite features of Kinni is the built-in training plans.

Kinni has training plans for:

  • 5k (8 weeks)
  • 10k (8 weeks)
  • Half marathon (12 weeks)
  • Marathon (16 weeks)

There are three levels for each training plan, choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Each of these training plans come with detailed instructions and are designed to help you build your endurance gradually. You can choose the plan that suits your fitness level and goals and track your progress using the app.

Beginner plans

noble pro kinni app beginner plans
noble pro kinni app beginner marathon

Intermediate plans

noble pro kinni app intermediate plans
noble pro kinni app intermediate marathon

Advanced plans

noble pro kinni app advanced plans
noble pro kinni app advanced marathon

Choose a plan based on your level and goal – then follow each day to run the workouts contained.

Pre-built workouts


Kinni provides over 100 professionally created workouts for all levels, workout types, and goals. You can use filters to further drill down into the workouts and choose the ones that fit your needs.

The Kinni App allows you to filter workouts by various options such as workout type, duration, training plan, and workout focus. This makes it easy to find the right workout for your needs and preferences.

noblepro kinni app search for workouts
noblepro kinni app filter workouts
noblepro kinni app filter workout types

Custom workouts


If you want to create your own workout, the Kinni App provides a workout builder that allows you to create custom workouts tailored to your fitness goals. You can add multiple splits and even include audio prompts to help keep you motivated or give you guidance during your workout.

Kinni makes it easy to copy splits or repeat them, which saves time and simplifies the workout creation process.

noblepro kinni app create custom workout
noblepro kinni app create custom workout with splits

The voice prompts allow you to have your own coach on hand during your run.

Open the workout split and press the Add Voice Prompt button then type in what you want Kinni to say.

As well as voice prompts Kinni with give you audio prompts by beeping 3 times as a new split starts.

Run your workout on a treadmill


While Kinni is originally created for NoblePro it will connect to many other bluetooth-enabled treadmills.

When connected Kinni then controls the treadmill speed and incline to match your workout. This lets you just focus on your run, completely  hands-free. 

noblepro kinni app connect to treadmill
noblepro kinni app control treadmill

Run outdoors


Kinni does not have GPS yet, which means it’s not able to track your outdoor runs out of the box.

However if you get a foot pod like the Polar Smart Stride Sensor it will track your session speeds.

The team at Kinni are working on GPS capability so watch out for this in the future. Once GPS is include Kinni will track all outdoor session details, similar to Strava.

Make a treadmill Zwift compatible


If you’re looking to make your non-Zwift or FTMS apps-compatible treadmill magically compatible, then Kinni gives you a solution via it’s FitCast feature. Not only that, but it also allows you to control your treadmill in virtual worlds with touch-free structured workouts.

FitCast acts as a bridge between your treadmill and Zwift or other apps, enabling non-FTMS treadmills to work with these apps. You can even use Kinni to run custom workouts and have FitCast send the data to these apps.

Apps supported are:

  • Zwift
  • Peloton
  • Rouvy
  • Bitgym
kinni zwift

Using FitCast is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect Kinni to your devices.

  2. Select a workout or just run.

  3. Turn FitCast on from Kinni’s run screen.

  4. Then, from Zwift (or another app) on a different device, scan and connect to “Kinni FitCast” as a treadmill, foot-pod, and heart-rate monitor!

Kinni will then control your treadmill and send all the data through to Zwift or other app.

Kinni will send the following data:

  • Speed

  • Incline

  • Distance

  • Time

  • Heart Rate

  • Cadence

  • Stride Length

  • Calories

  • Elevation

Workout report


After your run is completed, Kinni provides a workout report with session stats. The report includes a breakdown of details like time, pace, steps, steps per minute, calories, and heart rate beats per minute.

It also shows the pace for splits and provides graphs for pace, heart rate, cadence, and calories, along with elevation gain. 

Upload your run to Strava or TrainingPeaks


If you use Strava or TrainingPeaks to track your workouts, Kinni can automatically upload your completed workouts. 

To access the Strava screen within the Kinni app, goto Settings | Manage your account | Strava

Tap the Connect with Strava button.

If you have the Strava app installed on your device, it will open, and prompt you with the next steps.

You’ll be prompted to authorize NoblePro to connect to Strava

Once you have completed Strava’s authentication, you should be redirected back to the Kinni app.

At this point you can tick the box to Auto-upload to strava. This will then push every workout you complete to Strava.

Configuring auto update to TrainingPeaks follows the same process.


FTMS stands for Fitness Machine Service (FTMS) Bluetooth. It is a Bluetooth standard that allows fitness equipment, like treadmills, to communicate with apps on mobile devices.

Yes. Kinni will automatically control your treadmill speed and incline to match your planned workout

FitCast acts as a bridge between your treadmill and Zwift or other apps, enabling non-FTMS treadmills to work with these apps. 

Apps supported are:

  • Zwift
  • Peloton
  • Rouvy
  • Bitgym

Kinni app review conclusion

Overall, the Kinni App is a must have tool for your treadmill workouts. 

With its built-in training plans, workout library, workout builder, and other features, it provides everything you need to smash your indoor-running workouts. We look forward to GPS being included for better tracking of outdoor runs. 

While the app is designed to work with NoblePro treadmills, it can also connect to other Bluetooth-enabled treadmills from many other brands, making it accessible to a wider audience. At £5.99 per month or £24.99 a year, it is reasonably priced, and users who purchase a NoblePro treadmill can enjoy lifetime membership for free.

If you’re serious about your treadmill workouts, you need the Kinni App as a training companion!

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