Joggo Review: A Detailed Look at the Running App

Joggo Review
Our verdict: 4.3

We love Joggo for its combination of easy-to-follow personalized meal plans, running plans, and workout plans.

All of these offer you the benefits of a personal trainer, while at about only 5% of the equivalent price. 

If you’re looking to lose weight through running and healthy eating but need structure and guidance to keep you on track, this app is made for you.

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The Joggo running weight loss app gives you personalized meal, running and workout plans.

If you walk or run 26.2 miles total you can get a full refund on your purchase.

Start by selecting a 6, 4 or 2-month membership. Then follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Track you miles in the Joggo app.
  2. Walk or run 26.2 miles total over your initial plan term.
  3. Claim a full refund after you receive a congratulations email.
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In this Joggo review we put the running app for weight loss through its paces. Below you’ll find full details on how it works, all the features and what we thought.

How we rated Joggo:

Price 90%
Weight tracking 70%
Meal plans 80%
Food journal 70%
Educational resources 100%
Running & workout plans 90%
Run analysis 80%
Run & workout journal 80%
Configuration settings 100%

For this Joggo review we had both a newbie runner and an experienced half-marathoner put Joggo through its paces over a month.

All features were weighted, then evaluated against comparable products. Where we found other products had superior capabilities we deducted points from Joggo.

Finally, the functional scorings were multiplied against their weightings to determine the overall score. If you’re short on time, read our Joggo Review: Overview of The Running Weight Loss App that covers all the key points.

Pros & Cons



⭐ Rating:4.3★★★★★
✅ Main benefitsPersonalized meal, running and workout plans, suitable for everyone
📲 Mobile OSiOS and Android
💵 PriceFrom $11 per month
⌚ Apple Watch friendly?Yes
👟 How to get startedTake Joggo Quiz

What's covered in this review?

Who is Joggo for?

If you are just looking for a running plan on its own, Joggo is not the best option. Take a look at Nike Run Club or Tikki instead.

If you’re just after tracking your food and weight, go with the free option of MyFitnessPal, or for full-on psychology-based dieting, check out Noom

However, if you want to lose weight through a combination of healthy eating, supported by prepared meal plans, and you’re ready to sweat out the calories using the tailor-made running and workout plans, then Joggo is ideally suited for you.

No matter your level of experience or fitness, the app provides an elite-trainer-approved personalized program to each user.

Whatever your running experience, Joggo has you covered.

  • Complete beginners who have never jogged or run before
  • Average or occasional runners who would like to become faster and fitter
  • Experienced runners who would like to improve their pace and overall running skill

It will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals in a sustainable way that keeps you healthy and injury free. The app has a strong focus on mental health and well-being, and encourages users to use running and exercise as a healthy way to destress.

How Joggo works

Joggo is an easy-to-use app that will give you a personalized program to guide and inspire you to reach your goals.

Anyone can use and benefit from Joggo. No matter your level, Joggo will tailor the program to your requirements and guide you to improve.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A personalized running program with 14 levels of progression — from level 1 walker to level 14 pro, you can steadily progress at your own pace.
  • A run tracker that uses GPS tracking and measures your route, distance, elevation, and speed. It also tracks your free runs and your activity history.
  • Easy-to-follow workouts that require no equipment — including stretching. 
  • Treadmill mode — you can use the app on any surface including treadmills. If you’re on the lookout for a running treadmill have a look at the NoblePro Elite E8i review.
  • A personalized meal plan with easy recipes that you can adjust depending on your allergies and preferences.
  • A weight loss tracker — stay motivated as you see the weight decrease as you progress through your program.
  • Audio guidance on each run.
  • Bite-sized educational articles on getting started with running, technique, motivation, and more.

Who is Joggo?

Founded in 2021 by Chris Zibutis — a former ironman and head running coach.

Joggo is a wellness brand and app that’s on a mission to help as many people as possible reach their running goals.

Chris started as a complete beginner. In fact, he couldn’t understand why people loved running until his brother challenged him to run a 10K. 

Achieving this goal was life-changing and he set out on a mission to not only inspire his family and friends to run but as many people as possible — and Joggo was the result.

Our first impressions — is Joggo a scam?

When we first started reviewing Joggo, we did what 95% of consumers do and had a look at the reviews. 

At first glance, we were concerned as there are several reviews claiming it’s a scam. We did some research to find out who owns the app and whether it’s a legitimate company.

Joggo is owned by Kilo.Health — a Lithuanian-based digital health and wellness company currently ranked as the second fastest-growing company in Europe by the FT1000.

Kilo Health aims to revolutionize the digital health and wellness space by creating new tech products and helping startups in the industry to grow.

So despite what you might see in some reviews: Joggo is definitely not a scam.

A closer look at the negative reviews

Once reassured that it was a legit app, we took a closer look at every negative review. In general, they boil down to two issues:

  • Cancellation issues 
  • Software issues

However, we did notice that every negative comment had been responded to and addressed. We contacted Joggo directly to understand what was going on. Here’s what we found out. 

Cancellation issues

In the early days of launching, they marketed heavily and didn’t have enough messaging to help customers understand how to cancel. However, this issue has now been fixed and it’s easy to cancel your subscription under Settings | Subscription | Cancel

Software issues

The development team is constantly improving the app. The history on the app store shows them updating consistently every one to two weeks with bugs fixed and design improved. 

Feeling reassured that Joggo is legit, we set out to review it thoroughly.

Getting started

Every journey starts with a single step. The first step to getting started on Joggo is to take a free quick and easy quiz. Click the green button to take the Joggo Quiz.

It takes about a minute to complete. The app gathers all the info that Joggo needs to create a personalized program. 

The Joggo quiz

The Joggo quiz will ask you about the following:

  • Your health goals and current perceived fitness level.
  • When you prefer to exercise and how many days you can train.
  • Your emotions from the past week.
  • If you’d like a meal plan included in your program and your dietary preferences.

It then calculates your BMI and daily calorie requirements and estimates how long it will take you to reach your goal.

To complete the quiz, simply add your email address and Joggo will send you a summary of what you can achieve and how long it will take you to reach your goal. 

Once you’ve read the summary, simply select Start Now to get going.

Download the Joggo app


To download the app on your iPhone, head over to the App Store and search for Joggo – Running Coach


To download the app on your android device, go to Google Play and search for Joggo  

Set your permission settings

Joggo needs your permission to know your location so that it can measure your speed, distance traveled, and any other relevant metrics.

It’s important to note that the app won’t work properly if you don’t grant it permission. To set your permissions go to Settings | Permissions | Location.

Also, remember to turn the Motion & fitness toggle on so that the app can use your steps and phone movements as well as your location to improve tracking performance. (It also saves your battery.) 

To do this, go to Settings | Permissions | Motion & fitness 



Joggo has a subscription-based pricing structure. You can choose between a 2-month, 4-month, or 6-month running plan and can cancel at any time. 

The pricing varies depending on the subscription that you choose. First-time subscribers have a 50% discounted rate, so keep this in mind when renewing your subscription.

Joggo accepts all major credit cards and Paypal as payment methods. 

Initial pricing

Depending on the subscription you choose, Joggo initially costs from $2.53 per week to $3.80 per week.

The amount is billed as a total for the subscription period. For example, for 2-months, you’ll be billed $33 for your first subscription. 

2 Months

$ 33
  • VS
  • Noom $119
  • Personal Trainer (2 hrs a week @$50 per hr) $800

4 Months

$ 46
  • VS
  • Noom $159
  • Personal Trainer (2 hrs a week @$50 per hr) $1,600

6 Months

$ 66
  • VS
  • Noom $169
  • Personal Trainer (2 hrs a week @$50 per hr) $2,400

Joggo is one of the few apps that provide personalized running plans, workouts, meal plans, and recipes, plus a tracker, and more. It’s like having a personal trainer, running coach, and dietician all in one but costs far less than hiring all three experts. 

Most apps available either focus on just running, only workouts, or only diet. There are very few that combine all three in manageable programs that are specifically tailored to you. 

The standard renewal price of Joggo is similar price to comparable apps such as, Chris Hemsworth and Joe Wick’s Body Coach. 

Renewal pricing

As first-time subscribers have a 50% discount rate for all subscription options, the standard subscription renewal prices are as follows:
  • 2 months – $66
  • 4 months – $92
  • 6 months – $132

This is something to keep in mind when you renew your subscription.

Overall, we felt that Joggo was great value for all the features that you get. Very few apps combine running, HIIT workouts, stretching, tracking, a personalized meal plan, and more.

Special Offer For Sep 2023 - Get Joggo for FREE
Get Joggo for FREE!!
If you walk or run 26.2 miles total you can get a full refund on your purchase. brbr Start by selecting a 6, 4 or 2-month membership. Then follow these 3 simple steps:br br 1. Track you miles in the Joggo app.br2. Walk or run 26.2 miles total over your initial plan 3. Claim a full refund after you receive a congratulations email.
GET Joggo for FREE


Weight tracking


One of the many things we love about Joggo is that it makes things very easy. When completing the quiz, one of the questions they ask is how much you weigh and what your target weight is. 

Simply log your weight daily or weekly and the app will calculate how much you’ve lost and how much you still have to go to hit your target weight. 

Track your weight simply by selecting +Log weight under your profile.

There were a few things that we felt would improve this feature. Although the weight graph adequately tracks your progress, it could be scaled a bit differently help to show the maximum impact. Any little thing that keeps you inspired is key. 

We’d also like to see other ways of tracking your progress. A feature to upload progress photographs will give a visual record to keep you motivated. We’d also like other ways to measure your progress such as recording hip, thigh, and waist measurements. This is a great way to track weight loss when you are also building muscle. 

Although the weight-tracking feature is basic, it is sufficient to keep you motivated and on track. 

Meal plan


Joggo makes dieting a breeze by providing a personalized meal plan to help you hit your daily calorie requirements so that you can reach your goal.

The meal plan is based on your preferences and you have several diets to choose from including gluten-free, vegan, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), low-fat, Mediterranean diet, and more.

When you complete the Joggo quiz, the app will automatically create a nutrition plan for you. However, you can change it at any time by going to Settings | Food preferences. You’ll be asked to reset your food preferences and the app will create a new meal plan. 

Take a look at our sample Joggo meal plan for a sample of what a weekly plan looks like, along with some example recipes

The meal plan provides recipes for three meals and two snacks a day which will keep your metabolism firing. You can always swap out the recipe if you don’t like it or perhaps can’t find the ingredients. 

A feature that we liked, in particular, was that you can increase the number of servings and the quantities in the recipe will automatically adjust. This is very useful if you are cooking for a family as all you need to do is increase the number of servings and follow the recipe. 

Although Joggo offers several diets, it’s missing options such as a low-carb and keto diet for those who prefer to keep carbs restricted.  

The recipe choice is also currently limited and some users might not be able to get all the ingredients. (For example, berries are used in a number of recipes.)

Lastly, we found that it does not always exclude your selected allergens. For example, it included wholewheat bread and cottage cheese / Greek yogurt even though we’d selected a gluten-free and lactose-free diet. However, you can change the option if a particular meal doesn’t work for you. 

Despite the above minor improvements, the recipes are easy-to-make and beautifully presented. It also gives you the correct portion sizes and the macro breakdown, and really does make things easy in terms of staying on track.

Food journal


Tracking your meals is stress-free with Joggo if you’re following their meal plan. All you need to do is select Log or Skip to record your meal. You can find a history of your meals under your Profile.

We’d like to have the option to create and log your own meals. This will also help solve the problem of not being able to get all the ingredients for the current recipes. With the ability to log custom food you’d also want to be able to compare daily calories and macros to target calories and macros, something Joggo doesn’t yet do.

Compared to other popular food tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal and Calorie Counter, the food journal for Joggo is basic. However, if you follow the meals and log them, it’s quick and takes the thinking out of tracking your macros.   

Educational resources — knowledge section


Joggo has a knowledge feature that can equip you with the knowledge you need to eat healthily, train, and keep yourself injury free. Every article is short and covers the basics. Once you’ve read the article, it’s ticked off on a list so that you can keep track of where you are. It’s also useful if you need to refer back to an article.

The knowledge feature currently has three sections:

Getting started

This area covers everything you would need to know to start running. From what shoes to choose, to how to position your arms, to common mistakes that beginners make on their first race day — there are plenty of articles to equip you on your journey as a runner. 

Food and nutrition

This helpful resource covers healthy eating and nutrition. It gives you guidance in terms of what to eat before a race, what to avoid, and nutrition mistakes. It also covers salt intake and electrolytes, plus how to use caffeine to boost your running performance. 

Health & safety

Ever wondered what causes a side stitch and how to fix it? You’ll find the answers to this and other common problems in the Health & Safety section. This area also covers injury prevention and challenges such as plantar fasciitis, calf cramps, and the runner’s knee. 

All-in-all, we gave the knowledge section 10/10 as we found that the articles were short enough to read but with enough information to equip you as a runner. The only thing we felt that was missing was video content for some of the articles.

Running and workout plan


Joggo first run: The assessment

The first time that you use Joggo, you’ll be asked to complete a test run. This is so that the app can assess your current level and create your plan. Don’t worry, if you’re a complete beginner, walking for the “first run” is completely fine. What we love about this app is there’s no pressure or judgment if you’ve never run before. For more on running programs for beginners, read Joggo vs Couch to 5K.

Joggo has 14 levels and, after your first assessment run, it will select your level, set out a two-weekly program, and include the strength workouts for non-running days. After two weeks, there’s another assessment to review your progress and set your next level. 

We found that the first assessment was fairly accurate in terms of setting the level for the first two weeks. We also appreciated the strength training days to break up the runs. 

What’s great is that you can change your plan at any time. If it’s too challenging, simply select the previous level and vice versa if it’s too easy for you. To see a sample Joggo plan, read Joggo Running Plan

How to change your Joggo running plan level

Just follow these steps to change your running plan level on Joggo.

  1. Open the Running plan tab and scroll down. Select See full plan >
  2. The app will then show the level that you are at. Scroll left or right to select an easier or more challenging level.
  3. Scroll down and select Change plan to level X

How to change your workout days

You can also change your workout days at any time, this is helpful if you’re sick or perhaps have other commitments for that day. 

  1. Select Profile | Settings | Workout days
  2. Choose your preferred workout days and select Finish

How to use the Joggo running plan

To use the plan, go to Running plan and select the day. You’ll then be able to choose between Outdoor or Treadmill.

You can also opt to have warm-ups and cool-downs which we recommend to prevent injuries. 

Once you’re ready to go, simply select Start workout.

If you’ve connected your earphones, you’ll be guided through the workout. 

At the end of your workout, select Finish to log your workout. 

Joggo example run plan

When our experienced runner took the first assessment it set at level 11, which it classed as an advanced runner.

The two week plan consisted of a mixture of runs varying in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour and accompanied with workouts.

One feature that was very useful was the cool-down stretches it’s something people often don’t get round to doing constantly, but it’s crucial to prevent injuries like runners knee or problems with your hip-flexors. 

The extra workout program is also great to provide a structure for the non-running days. This really helps to keep you in the zone every day and focused. 

After completing level 11 the second assessment jumped our experienced runner to level 13. The training in level 13 also included fartlek runs (intervals of fast and slow pace). The training plan was well-paced and structured, at this level it’s very similar to other half marathon plans. 

We also used Joggo for several runs on a treadmill. The treadmill setting worked very well. In fact we used Joggo while we reviewed the best treadmill without a subscription.

How to use the Joggo Free Run option

Joggo also has a Free Run option where you can record any extra run or activity that’s not on your program.

Under Running plan, select Free run. Choose between Treadmill and Outdoor, and select START to begin. 

We played with the Free run option a couple of times. Each time it recorded the run accurately with map output similar to what you get from a Garmin watch or Strava. 

How to use Joggo on your smartwatch

At the moment, Joggo only syncs with Apple watches. However, they are hoping to add more smartwatches in the future. 

If automatic downloads on your phone and watch are enabled:

As soon as you download the Joggo app, it will appear on your watch. Make sure that the location services permissions and Apple health permissions are allowed. 

If auto-download is disabled:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Find Joggo and tap Download.

A pop-up should appear on your Apple watch with set-up instructions. Select Setup and use your iPhone to give Joggo the following permissions:

  • Location service set to Allow always.
  • Apple Health permission should be All allowed.

Once done, select Finish | Done

We found that the running and workout plan for Joggo is user-friendly and works well. 

We’d like to see the option of adding custom goal targets such as distance-in-time targets.

For beginners, the assessment and levels are set to prepare you to run and are very manageable. We liked the fact that you have control over what days you work out and can also adjust the levels. The plan also builds good habits such as warming up and cooling down properly. 

For more advanced runners, we found the training programs to be well-paced and structured. The training is similar to other advanced running training programs. The cool-down stretches after every run is a great reminder and something that is easily forgotten.

Overall we were very impressed with the running plans.

Run mapping and analysis


Joggo maps your route and records the following data on every run (including free runs).  

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Average pace
  • Relative difficulty
  • How you felt emotionally on the run

Keep in mind that it does need internet access to record accurately. If you’re in an area that has poor internet access, it might not be that accurate. 

What we’d like to see in future iterations is a split analysis of each run to show your pace per mile and a comparison to previous runs. It also currently doesn’t monitor your heart rate. Both of these features would be very useful. 

In general, we found the reading to be very close to the Garmin watch and other run apps like Strava. For beginners and even intermediate runners, the run mapping is adequate. Our beginner tester found it motivating just seeing the distance covered gives you a sense of accomplishment. 

Workout journal


Joggo keeps a history of all your runs and workouts under your profile. Simply select the Me tab and scroll down to see Recent workouts

Select Show more to see a full history of your runs and workouts.

Select the relevant run to see a map of the run and the info such as time, distance, elevation gain, and average pace.

The workout journal records enough information to help you keep a record of your runs and workouts. An option such as being able to save your own photos would make this feature more memorable. 

Configuration settings


To configure the settings on Joggo, select Settings in the top right corner of the app and scroll down the menu.

You’ll be able to configure the following:

Subscription — see the details of your subscription, you can choose to cancel here as well.

Permissions — Give Joggo permission to track your location and also allow them to use your steps and phone movements to improve tracking performance.

Notifications — Slide the toggle on or off if you’d like to receive notifications from Joggo.

Language — Select between English, French, Spanish, Italian, or Dutch.

Units — You can choose between the Metric or the Imperial system.

Workout days — Select your workout days and Joggo will create the plan for you around those days.

Food preferences — You can adjust your food preferences at any time from this section.

It’s very quick to configure Joggo and we gave it a rating of 10 / 10. 

Joggo Support & Customer Service

If you need assistance with anything related to Joggo, help is not far away. Select Settings on the top right-hand corner of the app and scroll down until you see Help Center

Joggo’s Help Center has four main sections.

My subscription — this area has a few frequently asked questions related to your subscription. This includes how to contact customer support, how to cancel your subscription, and more. 

App features — the section is the most comprehensive and covers everything related to the features such as how to navigate the app, how to reset your meal plan, and more. 

Technical issues — articles here cover the more frequent technical issues such as what to do if the app is freezing or not working.

Payments — anything related to payments such as Joggo’s refund policy, renewal prices, and standard subscription-based pricing.

Select the relevant section for your query or use the search bar to enter keywords related to your query. You can also scroll through the articles under each category to find the information that you need. 

If you can’t find the answer, at the end of every article is an option to submit a request to their customer service team. 


Yes, Joggo is a legit app and is owned by Kilo.Health a Lithuianian-based company that is currently ranked as the second fastest-growing company in Europe. 

Yes, it’s very easy to cancel your subscription. Simply select Settings | Subscription | Cancel on the app.

The standard Joggo subscription is $66 for 2 months, $92 for 4 months, and $132 for 6 months. First-time subscribers have a 50% discount on the monthly subscription.

Yes, you can! Joggo has a special Treadmill mode for both planned and free runs.

Yes, you can use Joggo while listening to music. Simply connect your earphones to listen to your favorite tracks. You can also mute the guided audio for your runs.

Yes, it does. If you have auto downloads enabled, Joggo will automatically appear on your watch once you download it from the App store. If auto-download is disabled, you’ll have to complete a few more steps to set up the app on your watch. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and Joggo has a help article to assist. 

The Joggo site reports the app has helped hundreds of people lose weight stay fit.

Joggo review conclusion

Overall Joggo provides a great combination of easy-to-follow, personalized meal plans, running plans, and workout plans.

Many other apps do bits of what Joggo does, but there’s nothing else we’ve seen that works as well at giving you the combination of what Joggo provides, all tailored to your needs, for such a cheap price.

Joggo is a great way of getting the structure and advice you need to make the changes you want.