Joggo Review: Overview of The Running Weight Loss App

Written by Noleen Arendse

Joggo is a running weight loss app that’s suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. It’s one of the few fitness apps out there that includes a personalized running program for all levels of fitness, a work out plan, a customized meal plan plus recipes.

This Joggo review overview covers all the key points that you need to know when deciding if it’s a good app for you.  

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joggo review


What is Joggo?

Joggo is a user-friendly app that provides an easy-to-follow personalized running and weight loss program that really works. It’s tailored to you and is designed to guide and motivate you towards achieving your goals, regardless of your fitness level.

In a nutshell, here’s what you get with Joggo:

  • A customized running program that has 14 levels of progression (see Joggo Running Plan)
  • Easy-to-follow bodyweight workouts to build strengthen and tone muscle
  • Treadmill mode if you aren’t able to run outside
  • Audio guidance for each run and workout
  • A customised meal plan based on your weight loss goals
  • Easy-to-prepare recipes that cater for the whole family
  • Plenty of bite-sized educational articles from running tips to health
  • Motivational notifications to keep you going

If you’d like to get into the details of the above features, head over to our Joggo Review: A Detailed Look at the Running App

Joggo is like your personal running coach, trainer, nutritionist and support group rolled into one easy-to-use app.

Is the Joggo app legit?

Yes, Joggo is legit! Joggo is a digital health and wellness product owned by Kilo.Health  — a Lithuania-based company that is currently ranked as the second fastest-growing company in Europe by the FT1000.

Joggo was founded in 2021 by Chris Zibutis, a former ironman and head running coach. His personal transformation began when he accepted his brother’s challenge to run a 10K, which ultimately became a life-changing experience for him. 

This inspired him to create Joggo  — with a mission to help people of all levels reach their running goals. 

Who is Joggo for?

Joggo is for anyone who is looking for a running weight loss program that includes a personalised meal plan plus recipes. It can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals in a sustainable way that keeps you healthy and injury-free.

The app also focuses on mental health and well-being, and encourages you to use running and exercise as a healthy way to destress.

Joggo might not be for you if you’re only looking for a running app or a diet and weight tracker. But if you’re wanting an app that combines exercise and diet that’s tailored to you, then Joggo is a great option. 

Does Joggo really work?

Yes, Joggo really works. We’ve tested and used the app ourselves. You can read more on our experience in this comprehensive Joggo Review where we’ve taken the app through its literal paces. 

But, in short, we loved:

  • The tailored running plans that are voice-guided
  • The warm ups and post-run stretches which helps prevent injuries and issues such as tight hip flexors
  • The easy-to-follow body weight exercises
  • The easy-to-scale meal portions so you can cook for the entire family
  • The “be good to yourself” positive approach with a strong focus on mental well being.

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Does Joggo help you lose weight?

Yes, if you follow Joggo’s meal plan and exercise program, you’ll lose weight. 

When you sign up to Joggo, it uses your weight loss goal and dietary preferences to create a customised meal plan that is designed to help you lose weight. 

The app makes it easy with delicious recipes with portion sizes that are pre-calculated to help you hit your daily calorie requirements to reach your goal weight. 

Joggo before and after

Joggo also has many before and after stories. Like this one from Sandra who has lost over 49Ibs since starting to use Joggo.

Sandra had no gym experience and had never exercised before. Within the first two weeks of using Joggo, she’d lost 8Ibs.

Not only has she lost weight but she’s also started to enjoy exercise, cooking healthy meals and taking better care of herself. 

Joggo is also suitable for ages and levels of running experience. Have a look at Kathy. 

Joggo review before and after

Over the 3-month weight loss challenge, Kathy, aged 52, lost 8Ibs and dropped a full size. She also rekindled a love for running that she’d lost 15 years ago. 

Most of all, she found that following the healthy meals (like the ones in this Sample Joggo Meal Plan), really helped her lose weight and keep it off, even during stressful life events and holidays. 

How does Joggo work?

Joggo is very easy to use! To start using Joggo, all you need to do is complete a free online quiz. The program will then create a customized plan just for you. 

For your first session, the app will prompt you to complete an assessment run. This will help determine your current level and create a personalized plan for you that includes workouts and meals.

If you’re a beginner, walking during the first run is perfectly fine – there’s no pressure or judgment.

Joggo has 14 levels, and after your initial assessment run, the app will select your level, design a two-week program, and include strength workouts for non-running days if you’ve chosen that option.

After two weeks, there will be another assessment to review your progress and adjust your level accordingly. As you progress, you’ll have an assessment every two weeks. This gradual progression and regular assessment is what makes Joggo unique compared to other running programs. For more info, read Joggo vs Couch to 5K

One of the great things about Joggo is that you can adjust your plan at any time. If the plan is too challenging, you can select the previous level, and if it’s too easy, you can move up to a more advanced level. You can also adjust your schedule and meal plan at any time. 

How much is a Joggo subscription?

The cost of using Joggo varies based on the type of subscription you select, with prices starting at $2.53 per week and going up to $3.80 per week.

First-time subscriptions have a 50% discount rate for all subscription options. 

The total cost of the subscription period is billed upfront, and the amount charged will depend on the duration of the subscription. For example, if you opt for a 2-month subscription, the initial charge for the first subscription will be $33.

After the initial discounted subscription period, the renewal pricing for Joggo is as follows:

  • 2 months: $66
  • 4 months: $92
  • 6 months: $132

Keep the pricing in mind when you first start a subscription as the price for the renewal will be higher due to the initial discounted price. 

Is Joggo easy to cancel?

It’s very easy to cancel the subscription, however the method will vary depending on the platform that you used.

From, head over to settings under your profile. Select subscription and cancel. Cancelling the subscription will just prevent you from being automatically billed, it won’t refund you for any subscription costs. 

If you purchased a subscription via the App store or Google Pay, use the relevant platform to cancel your subscription. 

How to get started on Joggo

Getting started on Joggo is very easy and can be broken down into a few simple steps.

Step 1: Take the Joggo Quiz

To get started on Joggo, you’ll need to take a simple quiz. The free Joggo Quiz will ask you about your health goals, current fitness level, exercise preferences, emotions from the past week, and dietary preferences.

It will then calculate your BMI, daily calorie requirements, and estimate how long it will take you to reach your goal. 

Step 2: Download the Joggo App

Once you’ve completed the Joggo Quiz and received a summary of what you can achieve, it’s time to download the Joggo app. If you have an iPhone, head over to the App Store and search for Joggo – Running Coach. If you have an Android device, go to Google Play and search for Joggo.

Step 3: Set Your Permission Settings

To use Joggo properly, you’ll need to grant the app permission to access your location, motion, and fitness data. Go to your device’s Settings, then Permissions, and select Location.

Turn on the toggle for Motion & fitness to allow Joggo to use your phone’s sensors to improve tracking performance and save your battery.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to start using Joggo!

Is Joggo a good program?

A good fitness app should have the following features:

  • It should personalize the plan according to the user’s goals, fitness level and preferences.
  • It should provide an easy way for users to track their progress for workouts, diet and weight.
  • A good fitness app should offer a variety of workouts to keep users engaged and motivated. 
  • It should be easily accessible to users and can be used both indoors and out.
  • It should have education and support.

Joggo has all the features and more. The app will provide you with a personalized program tailored to your fitness level, goals, and preferences. You’ll receive daily meal plans, workout plans, and running plans, all designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals in a sustainable way. With Joggo, you’ll have access to an elite-trainer-approved program no matter what your level of experience or fitness.


Yes, Joggo is a subscription-based program. You can choose between 2-, 4-, and 6-month subscriptions.

Joggo initially costs from $2.53 to $3.80 per week. First-time subscribers have a 50% discount which works out to $33 for 2 months, $46 for 4 months, and $66 for 6 months. Thereafter the price increases to $66 for 2 months, $92 for 4 months, and $132 for 6 months. 

Yes, Joggo has a treadmill mode for both free and planned runs.

Use the email that you used when you first signed up to Joggo. Once you have the app on your phone, log in will be automatic. 

Yes, Joggo is a paid subscription. At this stage, there is no free trial. However, first-time subscribers get a 50% discount and you can opt for the 2 month subscription. 

Yes, you can. You can connect your earphones to listen to your favorite running tracks. You can also mute the guided audio on runs.


  • Joggo is an all-in-one weight loss running program.
  • It has 14 levels of progression for running as well as guided weight-bearing exercises.
  • The app also includes a meal plan with recipes, tracking and support.