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Intermediate Walking Program

So you’re fairly confident you can cover some distance and are happy to do a 30 minute stroll…looking to take it to the next level and really start burning some of those calories walking? Well this is the page for you!

Intermediate Walking Program

As with any exercise program, if you have any concerns or existing medical conditions consult a doctor before starting.

The Intermediate walking program is intended to help you go from being able to walk for 30 minutes, to gradually increase that to 60 minutes, while also getting your body used to really putting in the miles in a regular walking exercise program. By the end of these 8 weeks you will not only be walking for 60 minutes at a time but doing it 5 days a week!

This is an awesome way to start shredding those calories. Imagine running a half-marathon every single week, you’d start to loose weight pretty quick right? Well by the end of these 8 weeks you will be burning almost the same amount of calories each week as if you were running a half-marathon….don’t believe me? See for yourself:

 200 lb person Half-Marathon once a week:

running at 5.2 mph over 13.1 miles
= 2,100 calories burned a week during exercise

200 lb person 60 Minute Walk X 5 days a week

Walking at a fast pace (3.5mph) for 60 minutes
= 410 calories burned per walk
X 5 days per week
= 2050 calories burned per week during exercise

(About 150 of these calories are due to the extra time involved, 5hrs walking vs 2.5 hrs running)

Take a look at our Calories Burned Walking Calculator to see how many calories you could be burning based on your weight.

Right then, here’s the plan, the red values show how many minutes each day to walk for, you have two rest days a week, make sure to keep these as rest days and give your body a bit of recovery time. If you need to move days that’s fine but don’t do any more than 3 days together without a rest day in between.


Try to keep to a nice steady speed go as fast as you feel comfortable but focus on the exercise routine, do not sacrifice distance for speed…slow and steady beats the Hare every time, you will burn far more calories doing every day slowly rather than Monday fast and not being able to complete the rest of the week.

If you find yourself unable to complete one week just repeat it again the next week before moving on.


beginner running plan
beginners walking plan

Beginners Walking Plan

Beginners walking plan 🚶‍♀️ 6 weeks to get you in a regular walking routine, increase your fitness and prepare you to start running