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How to lose weight on treadmill? 5 workouts to get results

Are you wondering how to lose weight on treadmill? Losing weight is challenging but consistently working out on a treadmill can help you shed those extra pounds and improve your health. 

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of using a treadmill plus we’ve also included 5 easy workouts to get you moving toward your weight loss goals. 

How to lose weight on a treadmill


How to lose weight on treadmill — consistency is key

Although it’s fairly easy to lose weight quickly for a special occasion, keeping it off is a whole different challenge. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to turn healthy eating and regular exercise into a lifestyle that works for you. 

The key to weight loss is as simple as burning more calories than you consume. While exercise can help you burn more calories in a day, effective weight loss occurs when you follow your eating plan and exercise consistently. 

Having a treadmill can help you stick to your routine no matter the weather or your workload. 

What are the benefits of using a treadmill?

To help you get going, here are some of the benefits of using a treadmill.

Treadmills can help you lose weight

Top of the list for this article… regular treadmill workouts can help you lose weight by burning extra calories.

While it’s better to control how many calories you consume rather than trying to “burn them off,” any extra calories burned in a day can help you lose weight. 

It improves the health of your heart

Regular workouts on a treadmill help strengthen your heart and improve your cardiovascular health. This it turn will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. 

It increases your fitness levels

Working out on a treadmill can increase your fitness levels by building your endurance, stamina and overall fitness. Here again, it’s important to remain consistent in your workouts so that your fitness can gradually improve. 

It strengthens and builds muscles — the weight loss friends

Muscle uses more energy than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn even when you are asleep. Treadmill workouts — especially on an incline — will help you build your leg muscles including your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.

It improves your mental health

Exercise is a natural anti-depressant and walking is said to be man’s best medicine. Working out regularly on a treadmill can help boost your mood and improve your mental health.

In fact, it’s said that Hippocrates, a Greek physician said: “If you’re in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you’re still in a bad mood, go for another walk.” 

It's great for rainy days or mid-summer

Not every day is the perfect day for heading out into nature. If you have a treadmill at home like the best treadmill with incline, you can get your workout in without having to slap on sunscreen or bundle up for the cold. 

It's safer

If the only time you have to run is at night or perhaps you don’t stay in a safe area, then a treadmill workout is a much better option. It also doesn’t have to be boring, there are some treadmills that have screens and an internet connection, so you can catch up on your latest series while working out. 

What makes a good treadmill workout for weight loss?

A good treadmill workout for weight loss should include a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training. To burn calories, you’ll need to increase your heart rate, so any good treadmill workout should do this. 

If you’re wanting to know how to lose weight on treadmill, here are some factors to consider for your workouts. 

  1. Intensity — although slow and steady traditionally wins the race, if you want to lose weight on treadmill, you’ll need to increase your level of exertion. You can do this by increasing speed or the incline on the treadmill.
  2. Duration — aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 20 minutes of high-intensity exercise.  
  3. Incline — Walking or running on an incline burns more calories and engages different muscles. Even a slight incline can make a big difference in the number of calories burned. For more on this read the best speed and incline on treadmill to lose weight.
  4. Variety — it’s said that variety is the spice of life and it’s the same for treadmill workouts. Mixing up your workouts will not only prevent boredom but can also challenge you by using different muscles and training different aspects such as spriting versus endurance.

How to lose weight on treadmill — use a target heart rate chart

To lose weight on treadmill, you need to know that you are working out hard enough. The best way to do this is to monitor your heart rate. Most treadmills have a heart rate monitor of sorts and usually, you can add your age and weight to the settings and the treadmill will work out your target heart rate and fat-burning zone. 

However, if you don’t have this option, you can use a target heart rate chart.

Here is a table based on the American Heart Association’s recommendations. Heart rates may vary depending on an individual’s fitness level, medical conditions, and other factors.

Please note — these heart rate ranges are estimates. The fat-burning zone is about 50 – 60% of your maximum heart rate. However, there is some debate over whether this is effective. As a rule, if your heart rate is increased, you’ll be burning more calories and improving your fitness.


AgeLow Intensity (30-50% of max)Fat Burning Zone (50-60% of max)Moderate Intensity (60-70% of max)High Intensity (70-85% of max)Maximum Heart Rate, 100%
2060-100 bpm100-120 bpm120-140 bpm140-170 bpm200 bpm
3057-97 bpm95-114 bpm114-133 bpm133-162 bpm190 bpm
3556-94 bpm93-112 bpm112-129 bpm129-157 bpm185 bpm
4054-91 bpm90-109 bpm109-127 bpm127-153 bpm180 bpm
4553-89 bpm88-106 bpm106-124 bpm124-149 bpm175 bpm
5051-85 bpm85-102 bpm102-121 bpm121-145 bpm170 bpm
5550-83 bpm83-99 bpm99-118 bpm118-140 bpm165 bpm
6048-81 bpm80-96 bpm96-114 bpm114-136 bpm160 bpm
6547-79 bpm78-94 bpm94-111 bpm111-132 bpm155 bpm
7045-76 bpm75-90 bpm90-107 bpm107-128 bpm150 bpm

Always consult with a healthcare professional or certified personal trainer to work out your appropriate heart rate range for your needs and goals.

How much should I workout on a treadmill to lose weight?

Aim to work out for a minimum of 30 – 60 minutes a day for 5-6 days a week. However, we recommend starting out gradually, especially if you’ve never exercised. Aim for 3 days a week or whatever schedule is doable for you. 

Top Tip – your first goal should be just to show up

When you first start a weight loss program, you might be tempted to throw yourself into hectic workouts and a restrictive diet. This might be too much too soon. For the first couple of weeks, just aim to show up and complete your workout. Once you’ve built the habit of regular exercise, then focus on different aspects such as increasing the intensity or adding sprints. Weight loss is a lifestyle change which takes time. 

Best workouts to lose weight on treadmill

Many treadmills have preprogrammed workouts that you can follow. If you are subscribed to an app such as JRNY or iFIT, then you can also have customised, trainer-led workouts depending on the app. 

Here are 5 easy treadmill workouts. If you can add programs to your treadmill, we suggest adding these so that you don’t need to control the speed or incline. You can also use an app such as the Kinni App for hands-free workouts. 

Incline walking workout - 40 minutes

Walking on an incline will burn more calories. It’s a good option if you are limited for time or are perhaps not a jogger or runner.

Incline Walking Workout
Warm-up: 5 min
Incline at 5%: 5 min
Incline at 1%: 2 min
Repeat cycle: 30 min
Cooldown: 5 min

Sprint interval training (HIIT) - 30 - 40 minutes

Get your heart rate up and work on your fitness with this short HIIT workout.

Sprint Interval Training (HIIT) Workout
Warm-up: 5 min
Sprint: 30 sec at 7-9 mph
Active Recovery: 90 sec at 3.5-4 mph
Repeat cycle: 8-10 times
Cooldown: 5 min

Low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio workout - 60 minutes

Take a low-stress walk with this steady-state cardio workout for 60 minutes. It’s perfect if you’re catching up on Netflix on your treadmill. 

Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) Cardio Workout

Warm-up: 5 min

Steady State: 30-60 min at 3.5-4 mph

Cooldown: 5 min

Run - walk - jog workout - 25 minutes

Mix things up by walking, jogging and running. This workout is great if you’re a beginner runner. 

Run-Walk-Jog Workout

Warm-up: 5 min

Set 1: Run 1 min, walk 1 min, jog 1 min

Set 2: Run 2 min, walk 1 min, jog 1 min

Set 3: Run 3 min, walk 1 min, jog 1 min

Set 4: Run 4 min, walk 1 min, jog 1 min

Set 5: Run 5 min, walk 1 min, jog 1 min

Cooldown: 5 min

5K workout for weight loss

Take a challenge and run a 5K. Aim to beat your time as this will encourage you to pick up the pace. 

5K Workout for Weight Loss

Warm-up: 5 min

Run 5K (3.1 miles)

Cooldown: 5 min


Yes, working out on a treadmill is great for weight loss. However, keep in mind that it should be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan. 

Although working out on a treadmill won’t target belly fat, it can certainly help you burn more calories. In combination with a healthy diet, this will cause overall fat loss, including stubborn belly fat. 

Using a treadmill every day can help you lose weight. It’s important to mix up your workouts to avoid getting bored and to also prevent injury. Remember, weight loss is best managed through diet. 

The best speed on treadmill to lose weight will depend on the individual. Generally, a comfortable jogging speed of 5-6mph can help. You can also walk briskly on an incline. 

Aim for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days of the week. As your fitness levels improve, you can increase the duration and the intensity. 


  • How to lose weight on treadmill? Following one of our workouts plus watching your diet is a simple way to lose weight on a treadmill. 
  • The best workouts are those that mix up intensity, incline and cardio. Plan a variety of workouts to prevent boredom.
  • Top tip – make your first goal just to show up. Once you have the habit, work on the rest.