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How Many Calories Does Walking Burn

How Many Calories Does Walking Burn

Walking is a great exercise, which doesn’t cost you anything and wont take you any time to learn.

If you’re over 2 years old you probably already know how to do it – but how many calories does walking burn?

Here’s a quick easy reference table of the average calories walking burns per 10 minutes walking at varying speeds:

100 lb24283440
110 lb26313844
120 lb29334148
130 lb31364452
140 lb33394856
150 lb36425160
160 lb38445564
170 lb40475867
180 lb43506171
190 lb45536575
200 lb48566879
210 lb50587283
220 lb52617587
230 lb55647991
240 lb57678295
250 lb60698599


If you want a custom calculation of how many calories does walking burn for you then take a look at calculator to see your calories burned walking

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