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Frith Lawson Johnson

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On Valentines Day we released our WIN for one of Bellabeat LEAFs. The response to this was amazing and we would like to Thank You all for entering, sadly there could only be one winner! However, I am so pleased to announce that a lovely Lady called Frith Lawson-Johnson from East Sussex, UK won the LEAF and we are so pleased to have come across Frith, as she’s a truly an AMAZING lady and an INSPIRATION!!

When confirming our draw and announcing to Frith she had won she said…

I could not believe it when I received the email from Calories Burned HQ to tell me that I had won this awesome feminine gadget, I was so excited! I almost thought it was a joke initially as I have never won anything and have wanted one of these ever since I had first heard about their pending release, which has been at least 6-8 months now.

It is going to be a fantastic addition to my exercise regime and something that I’m sure I will begin to ponder how I managed to function without it in my life before hand. Thank you so much, it is really appreciated and have enjoyed its use over the past few days, look forward to many more days to come”.

Not knowing Frith, we then got chatting and we were astonished with her plans this year. On Sunday 28th February 16, Frith ran the Brighton Half Marathon (for practice). Her training schedule has got up to 18 miles, 2 to 3 times a week and is looking to increase it further as the weeks go on, so that she can run the Brighton Marathon with as little problems as possible, on the 17th April 16, for ‘Warming Up The Homeless’.

In the mid of all this, on the 20th March 16, Frith is running the Hastings Half Marathon for a local kids charity in Hastings called ‘Charitry for Kids’ that supports young people with severe learning difficulties and some that are sadly terminally ill.

Charity for kidsThe charity enables them to have an easier, happier and more fulfilling life, with equipment essential to assist them in their day to day activities.
Frith went on to tell us what these charities meant to her…
“I chose these charities because I had a car accident as a child and had hydrocephalus causing 2/3 of damage to my brain, I was told I’d never achieve anything and my career options were limited, likely nil. I had a neuro-psychometric test done in my early 20’s as part of the treatment for my three types of Epilepsy.

I had a result of my brain damage and was told I’m in the top 2% of the population intelligence wise.

The past 19 years I have helped the disabled and people with mental health needs get the most from life, and I strongly believe that just because you are diagnosed with something, doesn’t mean you have to accept the way they presume your life shall go.

With various tools and determination you can go far! I want to help through running, so these young people can go further than they thought, as I believe they have more potential than people necessarily recognise in them.

Warming Up The HomelessWarming Up The Homeless was set up by a women called Bev and she has approached a few of us to support her with her amazing project.

We go out several times a night providing food, clothing and sleeping bags to people throughout East Sussex, it shocks me just how prevalent homeless is and just what you have to do these days to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly.

Community awareness of what is happening and finding ways to support those who aren’t so fortunate to have a job I believe to be important, if they don’t get help, how can the individuals stuck in this position ever progress?

Support seems the obvious key to me and I truly hope that running to raise money for more wash bags, sleeping bags, clothes and food will be the start of a more positive ripple throughout the towns to those who need our support most.”
We truly felt Frith’s story needed sharing.

If any of the following charities are something you feel you would like to support or maybe you see the length Frith has gone to push herself for others, please feel free to donate and show Frith continuing support.

If you could donate, please contribute half of your chosen amount to each run, so we can help make a difference to the lives of not just some wonderful children who desperately need the help, but also the lives of the Homeless in East Sussex who rely on the support of organisations like this to keep them warmer and support them with food throughout the year.

Links to both events below:



We would like to wish Frith the very best of luck for all her events and we plan to meet Frith at the Brighton Marathon to help show our support.