Are you a big guy who’s thinking about starting biking to help lose some weight?

You’ve chosen the right exercise type.

Cycling can burn a huge amount of calories and is a low impact exercise, which is kind on your joints. Meaning it’s an ideal way to start exercising safely.

This guide will give you everything you need to get started.


6 Most important things to know when buying a bike as a big guy

Looking at biking gear for a big guy can be overwhelming, where do you start? Being a heavyweight cyclist shouldn’t mean finding a bike to suit you should be a chore.

Below you’ll find everything you need to get started on your cycling journey, no matter what your weight.


In short, no there isn’t a weight limit for riding a bicycle.

Each bike model however, will have it’s own weight limit. What you need to do is find a bike that can accommodate your needs.

Cruiser bicycles are best for people who are 300 lbs+ due to the larger width tyres and low frame. This makes these bikes easy to use and build up stamina on. They often come already fitted with comfort seats. This means if you’re not sure cycling will stick you don’t need to add accessories to be comfortable.

If you are already quite active and are looking to get out on nature trails a strong mountain bike is essential. You will need a bike with strong wheels and tires to withstand the shock.


Swapping your standard saddle for a padded specialist saddle can relieve any discomfort. 

Having a comfortable saddle will increase the lengths you can travel and wonders you can see…..

Long gone are the days spent thinking of different reasons to stop along a route.

Here’s two of the best padded saddles for large riders.

saddle for bikes for big guys

Allows riders to cycle with comfort. Made with thick padding to allow even weight distribution across the saddle.

Thick padding, shock absorbers and flexible fabric give all the comfort needed as a heavier cyclist. Covered with the highest quality Lycra means for a friction free ride.

Worried about all those bumps and dips in the road? Have no fear because the Cruiser Delux comes equipped with 2 types of suspension.

The seat rails covered in elastomer suspension allows for shock absorption. Due to the area covered (14″ x 14″) with this saddle the coiled springs fitted provide an extra layer of comfort.

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saddle for bikes for big guys

Universal fittings provided make this the perfect replacement saddle

Upgrading your saddle is a necessity as a heavier cycler. By providing a comfortable seat on your bike you are able to cycle for longer and remain pain free.

No more stopping half way to “admire the views”.

Thick padding, dual spring suspension and quality faux leather.

What more could you want from a saddle? The Bikeroo saddle is perfect for a multitude of bikes; mountain, touring, fixed gear but a cruiser is best.

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If you have already upgraded your saddle and still find yourself in pain padded shorts can add that extra layer of protection.

Having shorts with the purpose of comfort at the forefront of design is a necessity. Created to allow endurance and enjoyment with every ride. All heavy weight riders who are wanting to clock high miles will need some of these.

Ranging in sizes from XXX-Large to XXXXX-Large, they come fitted with Seamless Coolmax padding to provide comfort and longevity

The length of the inseam means the shorts hit a few inches above the knee to allow a full range of motion when riding.

These are perfect for beginners who are experiencing saddle sore.

Although the padding is not the highest rated. The classic shorts used in conjunction with a comfort saddle would be the perfect pair. Especially for a heavier rider hoping to clock some extra miles and time on the tarmac.

Here’s how the sizes match up to waist and inseam size

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padded shorts for bikes for big guys

By placing no seams on the inner leg they reduce chafing and offer extreme comfort

Sick and tired of thin padded shorts that only last 10 miles, look no further. The Top Shelf shorts Aero Tech offer extreme comfort.

The comfort comes from the stitching placement to the padding.

By placing no seams on the inner leg the Top Shelf shorts aim to reduce chafing and discomfort.

Not only is the stitching aiming to reduce chafing so is the chamois padding. By using an anatomical paneled design the shorts move with you, not against you.

Leg grippers are in place to prevent the short riding up your leg on long journeys. These are ideal for a serious cyclist who is pushing himself to travel far.

The Top Shelf shorts are available in a wide variety of sizes.

shorts sizing chart for bikes for big guys

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Trading in your run of the mill tires for something bigger and better is a good choice if you’re on the heavy side. Having a larger/wider tire can help with the distribution of weight. By adding new tires you can give your bike a whole new lease of life.

Do make sure you have the right measurements of your forks else they wont fit!

Maintaining your tires is also very important. regular PSI checks prevent pinching and ripping of the tires.

Upgrading your tires can personalise your ride and can save money. If a whole new bicycle isn’t in your budget changing your tires may solve your problems.

A larger tire with a higher PSI can help reduce how fast tires run flat.

Schwalbe have tires perfect for a heavier cyclist.

These tires will change the whole experience and appearance of your bike.

You need to be aware that when the tires are on and inflated they will alter the whole ride experience.

big apple Tires for bikes for big guys

Suitable for weights up to 319 lbs

Schwalbe Big Apple tires can carry a load up to 319 lbs. Depending on the width of your existing forks, you can upgrade your tires.

tyre specs for schwalbe big ben tires for bikes for big guys
The Big Apple from Schwalbe

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PSI checker for bikes for big guys

Easily check your tires are inflated to the correct pressure

It is important to have your tires inflated at all times to reduce the risk of the tire running flat or pinching. This is a common problem people who are overweight find when cycling. It is something you can track and maintain with the AstroAl Digital Tire Pressure Gage.

This is a common problem people who are overweight find when cycling. It is something you can track and maintain with this smart device.

Before setting off on a long trip it is important to check the PSI in your tires. Using the AstroAl Digital Tire Pressure Gage you can check how inflated your bicycle tires are. While this allows you to see your tire pressure, it does not inflate or deflate them.

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Giant sells bikes for big guys

Giant set the mission of creating better bicycles and to improve the cycling experience. Found in 1972, Giant have been one of the leading bike brands. Since then Giant has strived to provide bikes for all, price and ability.

Zize Bikes

zise sells bikes for big guys

Zize Bikes are a specialist bike manufacturer who create bikes for plus size riders. Their bikes are suitable for commuting, mountain riding and road cycling. The weight capacity ranges from 250 lbs to 550 lbs.


trek sells bikes for big guys

Trek offer a variety of bicycles and even have an easy “Find A Bike” section to their website. By answering around 8 questions the website will find you a selection of bikes that fit your needs.


sixthreezero sells bikes for big guys

Sixthreezero specialise in cruiser bicycles. After the founders fell in love with California relaxed lifestyle. Sixthreezero have cruiser bicycles in fixie gear up to 21 gears. After embracing the relaxed Cali lifestyle, Sixthreezero decided they wanted to share it with the rest of the country.


schwinn bikes for big guys

Schwinn is an all American company. Founded in 1895 they have become one of the most sought after brands for bicycles. Schwinn want their riders to have freedom and confidence. Bicycles are available for all ages and abilities.

Hybrid & road bikes

zize new leaf 2 bike for big guys

Best hybrid bike for big guys
Perfect if its been a long time since you exercised regularly, suitable for weights up to 550 lbs

It might be exactly what you need to start your journey towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

The New Leaf 2.0, like all Zize bikes is customisable to your height.

Here’s the Zize sizing guide so you know what size bike is perfect for you.

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giant bike for big guys

Best road bike for big guys
Ideal first bike, with a weight capacity up to 300 lbs

The Contend 3 brings you in at the lower end of the spectrum, ideal as a first bike. If you have found that all your bikes before do not offer enough control, the Contend 3 will be great for you.

The 700cc tires and straight handle bar this bike will be sturdy for weights around 300 lbs. Before taking long journeys it is best to check your tire pressure to make sure it is at the highest PSI. This will reduce the risk of running a flat or any tire pinching.

The Contend 3 offers a balanced, smooth ride with complete control. It is available in a multitude of sizes depending on your height. You may need to alter the saddle to something with a bit more comfort. This bike will be great for someone who is looking to start commuting by bicycle to get fit.

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Cruiser bikes

threesixzero bike for big guys, fixie bike for big guys

Best multi-speed cruiser bike for big guys

The threesixzero EVRYjourney bicycle is a hyrbid, cruiser bicycle that offers 1 – 21 gears. It can hold up to 300 lbs.

This bike is suitable for someone travelling moderate distances. Ideal for every day travel or once a month usage.

If you are struggling with knee pain and looking to lose weight to improve your pain. SixThreeZero claim this is good for riders who have knee pain.

26-inch, 1.95-inch tires allow for a supported ride. EVRYjourney bicycle comes with a soft seat and is built to provide comfort to the rider.

Available with 4 different gear settings, offering bicycles with:

schwinn bikes for big guys

Low dip in the centre frame makes mounting very easy, perfect for a gentle cruise

If you are a more laid back cyclist, the cruiser style frame is perfect for you. The Schwinn ALU 1 gives riders a low dip in the centre frame to allow easy mounting.

This is ideal for riders who have limited mobility. The cruiser bike is perfect for those weekend adventures with the family. With a built in chain guard you don’t need to worry about having all the right gear, this bike is very user friendly.

This bike is the ideal bike for someone who is wanting to get out and see the world again.

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Mountain Bikes

trek bikes for big guys

Nimble lightweight frame, suspension forks and all-terrain tires supporting up to 300 lbs.

The Dual Sport range has developed 3 bicycles that increase in price and performance. Dual Sport 1 (DS1) is the lowest of the spectrum offering you an entry level hybrid bicycle.

DS1 is perfect for someone who is starting to take exercising with a bicycle to the next level. Available in 2 colours and 4 height sizes, the DS1 is an ideal starter bike.

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trek bikes for big guys

Best mountain bike for big guys on tougher terrain, with weight limit of 300 lbs

Dual Sport 2 (DS2) offers a more versatile ride for a big guy, this bike can be used on a wider variety of terrains.

If you are looking to explore rougher terrain this bike can handle the adventure. Hydraulic brakes mean you can control your bike no matter where you ride. Travelling to and fro work and a woodland ride with gravel and rocks, this bike can do both. DS2 is available in 2 colours and 4 sizes like it’s predecessor.

The DS2 has more advanced stability components than the DS1, which are used to make it safe on tougher terrain. Similarly to DS1 the weight limit on this bicycle is also 300 lbs.

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