6 Best Bikes For Big Guys in 2023

Are you a big guy looking for a bike that can handle your weight and still provide a comfortable ride? You’re in luck! There are a number of great bikes on the market that are specifically designed for big riders.

We reviewed  98 bikes to bring you the 6 best bikes for big guys in 2023.

Below you’ll find fat tire bikes, cruisers and mountain bikes for various budgets.

bikes for big guys

A quick peek at the best bikes for big guys

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Best bikes for big guys

Best fat tire bike
Mongoose Juneau

The Mongoose Juneau is a great bike for big guys who are looking for a versatile and affordable fat tire bike.

It's just as happy riding on terrains like sand and snow as it is cruising on the roads.

It's a relatively heavy bike but the 16 speed Shimano drivetrain gives you plenty of gears to tackle hills and maintain a comfortable pace on the flats.

Mongoose don't publish weight capacity but multiple owners weighing up to 385 lbs recommend it.

Type: Fat Bike
Max User Weight: 386 lb
User Height: 5'4
Oversized Seat: No
Wheel Size: 26
Gears: 16 Speed
  • Fat Tire
  • Disc brakes
  • 4 inch wide fat tires
  • Disc breaks for reliable stopping in all weather
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Heavy bike at 34 pounds
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09/24/2023 06:17 am GMT
Best tricycle cruiser bike
Schwinn Meridian

The Schwinn Meridian is a great tricycle for heavy men who are looking for a comfortable and easy way to get around.

It has a sturdy frame, large wheels, and a comfortable seat that can support up to 300 pounds. The low step-through design makes it easy to get on and off, and the large basket is perfect for carrying groceries or other cargo.

Overall, the Schwinn Meridian is a great option for heavy men who are looking for a reliable and comfortable tricycle.

Type: Cruiser Tricycle Bike
Max User Weight: 300 lb
User Height: 5'4" to 6'2"
Oversized Seat: Yes
Wheel Size: 26"
Gears: 7 Speed
  • Foldable cargo basket
  • Sturdy frame that can support up to 300 pounds
  • Large 26-inch wheels that provide a smooth ride
  • Oversized comfortable seat
  • Large foldable cargo basket
  • Not designed for hilly terrain or long distances
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09/24/2023 10:16 am GMT
Best cruiser bike for tall men
Firmstrong Bruiser

The Firmstrong Bruiser is a great beach cruiser for heavy men who are looking for a comfortable and stylish way to get around. It has a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 350 pounds, large 26-inch tires that provide a smooth ride, and a comfortable padded seat. The swept-back handlebars and high-rise stem provide a relaxed riding position, and the coaster brake makes it easy to stop.

Type: Cruiser Bike
Max User Weight: 350 lb
User Height: 5'4" to 6'4"
Oversized Seat: Yes
Wheel Size: 26"
Gears: 21 Speed
  • Extended steel frame for larger riders
  • Sturdy extended steel frame to allow more space for larger riders
  • Large 26-inch tires for a smooth ride
  • Comfortable oversized padded seat
  • Relaxed riding position
  • Tires are not as wide as some other beach cruisers
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09/24/2023 07:17 am GMT
Best mountain bike with suspension
Schwinn Bonafide

The Schwinn Bonafide is a great mountain bike for heavy riders.

It is durable, comfortable, and has all the features you need for a fun and safe ride.

The suspension makes for a smooth comfortable ride, it has 24 gears for any incline and the disc brakes ensure a perfect stop when you need it.

If you are looking for a mountain bike that can handle your weight, the Schwinn Bonafide is a great option.

Type: Mountain Bike
Max User Weight: 300 lb
User Height: 5'4" to 6'2"
Oversized Seat: No
Wheel Size: 29"
Gears: 24 Speed
  • "Suspension fork
  • Disc brakes"
  • "Suspension fork for absorbing bumps and vibrations, making a more comfortable ride.
  • 24 gears, so you can find the right gear for any terrain.
  • Disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power.
  • Large 29"" wheels for extra smooth ride"
  • Not as heavy a weight capacity as some other bikes
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09/24/2023 11:16 am GMT
Best budget fat bike
Mongoose Malus

The Mongoose Malus is a great fat tire bike for heavy men. It is stable, comfortable, and affordable. It is not the fastest bike on the market, but it is a great choice for riding on varied terrain.

Mongoose don't publish weight capacity but several owners upto 385 lbs swear by it

Type: Fat Bike
Max User Weight: 385 lb
User Height: 5'4" to 6'2"
Oversized Seat: No
Wheel Size: 26"
Gears: 7 Speed
  • Disc brakes
  • "Fat tires provide excellent traction and stability on any terrain.
  • Designed for a heavy rider.
  • Comfortable to ride, even for long distances.
  • Great value
  • Discs brakes provide dependable braking even when wet"
  • Not as fast as a traditional mountain bike
  • Does not have an oversized seat
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09/24/2023 11:17 am GMT
Best budget cruiser bike
Schwinn Huron

The Schwinn Huron bike is a great budget option for a heavy man looking for a comfortable and stylish cruiser bike.

It has a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 300 pounds, and it comes with an oversized comfortable padded saddle and swept-back handlebars that provide an upright riding position.

The Huron also has 26-inch wheels with wide tires that provide a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Type: Cruiser
Max User Weight: 300 lb
User Height: 5'3" to 6'3"
Oversized Seat: Yes
Wheel Size: 26"
Gears: Single Speed
  • Kickstand
  • Sturdy steel frame can support up to 300 pounds
  • Comfortable oversized padded saddle and swept-back handlebars
  • 26-inch wheels with wide tires for a smooth ride
  • Excellent value budget option
  • Heavy bike at 30 pounds
  • Only single speed
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09/24/2023 12:18 pm GMT

How we chose these bikes for big guys

The bikes featured in this article were chosen using specific criteria:

  1. Product specifications and features: We evaluated important details like type of bike, weight limit, rider height, if it had an oversized saddle, the wheel size, number of gears and other features, to identify the top choices.

  2. Customer reviews: The bikes on our list have received mostly positive feedback from customers.

  3. Price: We included a diverse selection of bikes to cater to different budget preferences.

Quick comparison of the best bikes for big guys

BikeTypeWeight LimitRider HeightOversized SaddleWheel SizeGearsOther features
Mongoose JuneauFat Bike385 lb5’4″ to 6’2″No26″16 SpeedDisc brakes
Schwinn MeridianCruiser Tricycle Bike300 lb5’4″ to 6’2″Yes26″7 SpeedFoldable cargo basket
Firmstrong BruiserCruiser Bike350 lb5’4″ to 6’4″Yes26″21 SpeedExtended steel frame for larger riders
Schwinn BonafideMountain Bike300 lb5’4″ to 6’2″No29″24 SpeedSuspension forks & disc brakes
Mongoose MalusFat Bike385 lb5’4″ to 6’2″No26″7 SpeedDisc brakes
Schwinn HuronCruiser300 lb5’3″ to 6’3″Yes26″Single SpeedKickstand

7 Most important things to know when buying a bike as a big guy

Looking at the types of bikes for a big guy can be overwhelming, where do you start? Being a heavyweight cyclist shouldn’t mean finding a bike to suit you should be a chore. In fact, there are quite a few best exercise bikes for heavy people out there. 

Below you’ll find everything you need to get started on your cycling journey, no matter what your weight.

1.Is there a weight limit for riding bikes?

In short, no there isn’t a weight limit for riding a bicycle.

Each bike model however, will have it’s own weight limit. What you need to do is find a bike that is strong and sturdy.

Cruiser bicycles are best for people who are 300 lbs.+ due to the larger width tires and low frame. This makes these bikes easy to use and build up stamina on. They often come already fitted with comfort seats. This means if you’re not sure cycling will stick you don’t need to add accessories to be comfortable.

If you are already quite active and are looking to get out on nature trails a strong mountain bike is essential. You will need a bike with strong wheels and tires to withstand the shock.

2. Get a comfortable saddle

Swapping your standard saddle for a padded specialist saddle can relieve any discomfort. 

Having a comfortable saddle will increase the lengths you can travel and wonders you can see…

Long gone are the days spent thinking of different reasons to stop along a route.

3. Get the right clothes

If you’ve already upgraded your saddle and still find yourself in pain, padded shorts can add that extra layer of protection.

Having shorts with the purpose of comfort at the forefront of design is a necessity. Created to allow endurance and enjoyment with every ride. All heavy weight riders who are wanting to clock high miles will need a high quality pair of cycling shorts.

4. Get a strong set of wheels and tires

Trading in your run-of-the-mill tires for something bigger and stronger is a good choice if you’re on the heavy side. Having a larger/wider tire can help with the distribution of weight. By adding new tires you can give your bike a whole new lease of life.

Spokes – generally, it’s recommended to look for wheels that have 32 or more spokes per wheel. 

Wider tires are also better and will result in a softer more comfortable ride – especially if you have good suspension. 

Upgrading your tires can personalize your ride and can save money. If a whole new bicycle isn’t in your budget changing your tires may solve your problems.

A larger tire with a higher PSI can help reduce how fast tires run flat.


5. Keep up the pressure (in your tires)

It is important to have your tires inflated at all times to reduce the risk of the tire running flat or pinching. This is a common problem people who are overweight find when cycling.

Before setting off on a long trip it is important to check the PSI in your tires. Using a digital tire pressure gauge can help you check how inflated your bicycle tires are. While this allows you to see your tire pressure, it does not inflate or deflate them.

6. Don't skimp on the brakes

The heavier you are, the stronger the brakes you need. Go for disc brakes as these are the most powerful brakes out there. 

Make sure you know how to maintain your brakes you don’t want to risk your brakes not working. 

7. Get good suspension

If you’re planning on doing longer riders or perhaps venturing off road good suspension will help you to feel more comfortable especially if you’re out for most of the day. 

Check the weight limit on a bike before purchasing. Get a comfortable saddle and the right clothes! Get a strong set of wheels and tires and make sure your wheels are inflated at all times. Lastly, don't skimp on your brakes and consider adding suspension.

Best types of bikes for big guys

For a big guy, finding the right bike will make all the difference! Before buying a bike, know what you will be using the bike for that will help you work out which bike will be best for you. Don’t forget to get a bike helmet like the best bike helmets with lights

Here are several bike types that are suitable for big guys. 

Cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes are sturdy and robust, and look a bit like tanks. They have a relaxed riding position which makes them perfect for… you got it… cruising. If you’re planning to cycle at a leisurely pace, then a cruiser bike might be a good option. 

They are heavier than regular bikes which can make them challenging to cycle uphill and generally require a lot more energy to pedal (which isn’t a bad thing if you’re wanting to burn calories!).

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are durable and able to withstand rough terrains. Look for a steel or aluminum mountain bike with a hard tail and adjustable suspension. 

While they may be slower on the road due to their gearing not optimized for higher speeds, changing the tires for thinner and less aggressive tread ones can still provide a solid road performance.

Commuter bikes

Commuter bikes have a wide range of options and price points. They are designed with geometry that allows you to cover longer distances comfortably compared to cruisers or mountain bikes.

They also feature solid durability and relatively simple components for easier repairs. Commuter bikes include practical commuting features like racks for carrying bags, making them a top recommendation for big guys.

Road bikes

If you’re looking to take cycling seriously, road bikes are unbeatable in terms of efficiency. Although they’re not the most comfortable to ride, they will allow you to reach your destination much quicker than the other bikes on this list. 

Choose a good quality road bike made of steel or aluminum. Carbon fiber bikes can be expensive and might not be that durable for larger riders. Don’t discount road bikes just because of your size; they can still be a viable option.

Before choosing a bike, decide what type of riding you'll be doing. There are several bike types for big guys out there - choose the one that will be the best for your purposes.

How to choose the right bike for your size

Follow these tips to help you find the right bike for your size. 

Choose your bike type

We’ve already covered the bike types above but to find the right bike for your size, you’ll need to decide on the type of bike you’re looking for. 

Give some thought to the type of cycling that you’ll be doing most frequently. For example, will you use the bike daily to commute to work or are you taking up mountain biking. Are you looking for a bike for a leisurely cruise with the family or planning to train to enter races. 

Just because you’re a big guy doesn’t mean you can’t choose certain bike types, just be sure to check out the weight limits for each one. 

Choose the right frame size

The most important factor in finding the right bike is choosing the correct frame size. 

The frame size is usually measured in inches or centimeters and is based on your height and inseam length (the length of your inner leg).

Most manufacturers provide sizing charts that correlate height and inseam measurements to frame sizes.

Average mountain bike size chart

Rider Height


Leg Inseam (Inches)

Leg Inseam (cm)

Suggested Frame Size

Size Classification

4’10” – 5’1”

148-158 cm


61-73 cm

< 14″


5’1″ – 5’5″

158-168 cm


63-76 cm

15″ / 16″


5’5″ – 5’9″

168-178 cm


66-78 cm

16″ / 17″


5’9″ – 6’0″

178-185 cm


68-81 cm

17″ / 18″


6’0″ – 6’3″

185-193 cm


71-83 cm

18″ / 19″


6’1″ – 6’6″

193-198 cm


73-86 cm

19″ +



Average city bike size chart (commuter bike)

Rider Height


Leg Inseam (Inches)

Leg Inseam (Centimeters)

Suggested Frame Size (Inches)

Size Classification

4’10” – 5’1″

147-155 cm


61-73 cm



5’1″ – 5’5″

155-165 cm


63-76 cm



5’5″ – 5’9″

165-175 cm


66-78 cm



5’9″ – 6’0″

175-183 cm


68-81 cm



6’0″ – 6’3″

183-191 cm


71-83 cm



6’1″ – 6’6″

191-198 cm


73-86 cm




Average road bike size chart

Height (inches)

Height (cm)

Frame Size (inches)


4’10” – 5’2″

147 – 157

47 – 48


5’2″ – 5’6″

157 – 168

49 – 50


5’6″ – 5’9″

168 – 175

51 – 53


5’9″ – 6’0″

175 – 183

54 – 55


6’0″ – 6’3″

183 – 191

56 – 58


6’3″ – 6’6″

191 – 198

58 – 60


6’6″ and taller

198 and up

61 – 63


Choose your wheel size

For big guys, choosing the right bike wheel size is important to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

The most common wheel sizes for bikes are 26-inch, 27.5-inch (650b), and 29-inch (29er).

It’s also recommended to look for wheels that have a higher spoke count especially on the back wheel that takes the most weight.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each wheel size for larger riders:

26-inch wheels


Strong and durable: Smaller wheels are usually stronger and less like to bend or buckle under heavier loads.

Easy to move: The small diameter makes the wheels easier to maneuver. 


Less efficient on rough terrain: smaller wheels are not the best for rolling over obstacles and bumps. 

Slower: Compared to larger wheels, the top speed for smaller wheels is generally slower. 


27.5-inch wheels


Balanced performance: 27.5-inch wheels offer a balance between the agility of 26-inch and the rolling capabilities of 29-inch wheels.

Suitable for a wide range of riders: They are extremely versatile which makes them a popular choice for many mountain bikers, including larger riders.


Not as common as other sizes: While the availability of 27.5-inch wheels and tires has improved, they may not be as easily available as 26-inch or 29-inch options.

29-inch wheels


Improved roll-over capabilities: Larger wheels can roll over obstacles easily. This provides a smoother ride on rough terrain.

Higher top speed: They also maintain momentum better which makes them faster on straight sections and descents.


Potentially less agile: These larger tires can feel less nimble in tight corners or technical sections due to their larger size.

Slightly heavier: The larger wheels and tires can add a little extra weight to the bike.

Get good brakes

Consider hydraulic disc brakes if you are a heavy guy. The provide stronger and more reliable stopping power. 

Also, look for rotor sizes that are larger (e.g.. 180mm or 203mm). They’ll enhance  braking performance and dissipate heat. 

To find the right bike for you, choose your bike type, get the right frame size, make sure you have strong wheels and invest in a good pair of brakes.


A good rule of thumb is choose a bike that has a seat height that’s 2 inches lower than your inseam (your inner leg).

A road bike has an average weight limit of 220 – 275Ibs. Mountain, fat and gravel bikes have a higher weight limit. 

Carbon frames have a lower weight limit of 250Ibs. 

A lighter bike might be easier to peddle up hill, however, heavier bikes tend to be more durable and are a better choice for big guys.

Yes, generally, heavier bikes are harder to peddle. The upside to this is that it will burn more calories which can help you lose weight if you’re a big guy.

Overall Summary

  • There are bikes for big guys out there – use our list to find the best one for you.
  • Choose a bike that is the correct height and has a decent set of wheels.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable saddle and the right gear to make your ride enjoyable.