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Bellabeat Leaf Review – 5 Days Wear by an Active Mother

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What is it like to own a Bellabeat LEAF?

As a fitness and dance instructor I work with people all day and every day helping them to understand their bodies and calorie burning.

I am also a gadget girl and I’ve had many products that have helped me count those steps and calories, that’s why I was desperate to get my hands on a Bellabeat LEAF and find out its capabilities.

The lovely people over at Bellabeat sent me one over to play with and here’s my experience as an active mother of two with my first five days of wearing the LEAF.

Unboxing – Day 1

So this morning I received my ‘LEAF’, amazing quick delivery as this was posted from the USA to England on Friday 9th October and received Monday 12th!!

BellaBeat LEAF unboxing leftBellaBeat LEAF unboxing rightBellaBeat Leaf unboxing front
BellaBeat LEAF unboxing back

What was in the Box

  • Bellabeat LEAF
  • Necklace
  • Leather Bracelet / wrist strap
  • User manual

BellaBeat LEAF unboxing contents

Looking at this product it looks lovely, very pretty and simple… classy! It certainly looks like a piece of jewellery and not a piece of technology.

As you can see below, I’ve chosen to wear mine around the wrist.

BellaBeat LEAF leather bracelet wrist strap


Setting-up the Fitness Tracker App

Setting up is really easy!

  1. I simply went to the App Store
  2. Added it to my phone
  3. Followed the set up instructions (which are easy questions as you go along)
  4. To sync it, you simply tap the app to search and double tap the LEAF to pair…and BINGO! So simple!

This is the woman  who can’t work the TV remote control

Bellabeat LEAF Fitness Tracker Application in Action

fitness tracker App

Today wasn’t a busy day, it was a typical ‘Mummy housework day‘.

You know the kind of day I mean, cleaning, laundry, blah, blah, blah, while the kids were at school.

Between lunch and bedtime I’d clocked 4,668 steps, 340 kcal making a distance of 2.01 miles.

I’m happy with that as it’s my first day.

I’m loving my ‘LEAF’

  • It’s light weight..I’ve forgotten I have it on
  • I MUST REMEMBER TO TAKE IT OFF FOR SHOWERS / BATH’S, it’s not waterproof sadly.

Sleep Mode Tracker & Graph – Day 2

  1. Tap the app
  2. Double tap the LEAF and it lets me track my sleep!

Bellabeat LEAF sleep mode tracker & graphOkay, so the first thing I’ve noticed is that the sleep pattern is slightly out?

Or is it user error?

I actually snuck off to bed around 9pm, read a couple of chapters before the lids became heavy, which must have been before 9.30pm?

Yet the ‘LEAF’:

  • Tracked my sleep pattern from 10.46 pm
  • My alarm on the ‘LEAF’ is set for 6.30 am
  • I didn’t move till 6.52 am.

As you can see I was moving around a couple of times in the night (wee stop and a child needed putting back to bed).

Tracking My Dog Walk

A pretty active day, albeit low key with a dog walk being the main calorie burner.

Bellabeat Lead Day Activity Tracker

I’ve now set my targets, which are based on the average daily advice

10,000 steps
7-8 hours of sleep

I love its little quotes of motivation at the bottom of each Activity Goal

You’ve taken 8255 steps today!

There is no ‘average’ in your dictionary, only excellence’.

Sleep Goal  ‘You’ve slept the 7h 39min its 9% over your goal!

When sleeping for at least 6 hours a night, you’re making sure your body gets enough rest. Keep it up

Did you know? You’ll make fewer mistakes if you go to bed earlier and sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

Very motivating!



Addiction to Sleep Pattern Analysis – Day 3

OK I admit it!
I am now loving waking up and checking my sleep patterns….getting slightly addicted.

Bellabeat LEAF sleep pattern tracking analysisBellabeat activity tracker day 3

Much more accurate this morning 10:08 pm – 05:30 am (that was an early start), but I slept well.

Bit of a lap-top work day today and a little bit of running around, that big spike is my dog walk at 10.30 am.

You can see I run around in the mornings like a loony chasing my children to find their shoes, before finally getting out to do the school run!

Never underestimate that pre-school chase, that just caused 1,619 steps.

What I now need to do, is test the LEAF against my walking distance… hmmm! I’d love to test it on a run, but due to injury I’m typically out of action for a while #mustfindaguineapig!

What Your Kids Nightmares do To Your Sleep – Day 4

Day 4 SleepDay 4 Activity

Look at that big chunk of restlessness

That’s Mummy duties needed for small child’s nightmares.
So I finally get back into bed and sleeeeep!
Hello 6:30 am lets start racing around again.

Today again lots of small spurts of activity from dog walks and shopping, tidying the house before the children get home and a bit of drinking tea and more laptop work!


Breaking Your Day Down Into Steps

Bellabeat LEAF Step Break Down

Now let’s take that dog walk to compare the calories burned.

The dog walk was quick, all of 24 minutes.

I’m 128lbs and walked an average pace for 24 minutes.

I know the calories burned walking will be approximately 85 calories!

Now I feel guilty as I only burned 168 all day (yes I’m red faced and ashamed of myself).

Sadly the LEAF doesn’t differentiate calories per activity / intensity yet, it would be a really cool feature in the future if it could also break down the calories at each active moment.

Instead of just breaking down the steps, so I could understand what burns more… housework or dog walks (this is where I’m competing with myself ).

I head off to a meeting that evening…….hey guess what…..Someone has just noticed my ‘LEAF’……

“what a lovely piece of jewellery”

I go on to explain that my Bellabeat isn’t just pretty, its very smart and tracks my movement and calories, wakes me up in the morning and I have reminders on here to help me not forget things!

They were wooowed! 🙂


Menstrual Cycle & Ovulation – Day 5+

After a very late night and crawling into bed some silly hour and gaining 5.27 hours of sleep (that is depressing), I also had a more active day clocking a 11,005 steps / 345 kcal, I’m happy with that!

Menstrual cycle sleep Day 5 Ovulation Icons

Notice that little red tear drop on Sunday…
Its logging my menstrual cycle Ovulation Icon and its reminding me it’s that time again.
Now I love this product for exactly this!! It works out your cycle by your dates and duration.

As the months go on you do have to adjust it, purely because women are not clock work and our bodies are approximately every 28 days! By doing this it will give you your ovulation days.

Many women are not aware of their ovulation days – so this is very helpful if you are trying for a baby

The LEAF will clock your ovulation a few days before and a few days after from the last day of your menstrual cycle.

Just keep breathing…

One feature I didn’t use on the LEAF was the breathing app, I don’t sit still long enough to mediate and clear my mind.

I’m a busy Mumma on a mission!

However, I will say to perform the breathing exercises, it is logic to move the LEAF to your breast plate area or waist, so it can move with your lung movement! It’s not going to track on wrist!

Bellabeat LEAF Review Summary

Bad Points

  • It is not waterproof (it did survive a shower – but I wouldn’t recommend you put it to the test)
  • It is not for the sports lady who wants to count the calories, it’s a simple little product that keeps you on your toes!
  • Its leather band is slightly tricky to do up and it did stretch a little over time
  • Sleep tracking accuracy over time showed that it doesn’t always switch off, (an app button to tell it you are in bed might be useful)

Good Points

  • Beautifully well made classy piece of wooden natural feeling jewellery, that feels like it’s been made with love
  • Perfect for tracking your life style to ensure you are moving enough and sleeping enough to be able to get you through life’s tasks.
  • Will develop your obsession & addiction to tracking (which will help you achieve your goals)
  • Ideal if you’re trying to conceive

In summary if you’re looking for something to track your cardio, running, circuits cycling etc the Bellabeat LEAF is not for you.

However I would highly recommend it for ladies who prefer the Yoga, Pilate’s and meditation route of physical activity and who are looking to improve their all-round well being with a beautiful piece of tech jewellery.