Calculate Calories Burned Running

by Gareth Chapman

Calories Burned While Running

If you are running to lose weight, you’ve chosen the right exercise; minute for minute running is the most efficient form of exercise to burn calories. Spending one hour running will burn more calories than almost any other exercise, check out your calories burned running with our calculator below.

Running Calories Burned vs Walking Calories Burned

There is a common misconception that you burn as many calories walking as running, given a particular distance this is broadly accurate – although due to the difference in movement, with running involving more up and down effort running has a slightly higher calorie burn rate. The key principal to keep in mind though is, this is per equal distance and as we all live such busy lives most people will have a limited amount of time they can spend exercising. 30 minutes running burns vastly more calories than 30 minutes of walking. Even if you are not at the stage where you could run for 30 minutes solid, doing a combination of run / walk will burn many more calories than simply walking.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Running a Mile?

The short answer is….it depends. The key factor affecting calories burned running a mile is your weight, with a lesser impacting factor of the speed, the greater your weight the more energy required for you to run a particular distance. A 150 pound person running a mile will burn between 100 – 120 calories, where as a 200 pound person running a mile will burn 135 – 155 calories. Running speed does have a slight impact on the calories burned while running, but it’s pretty negligible. If you are running to lose weight concentrate on covering the distance rather than your speed. Covering a greater distance has much higher impact on the running calories you burn rather than the speed you do it in.

Calories Burned Running Calculator

Our calories burned running calculator will give you a personal estimate to answer that question of “how many calories do I burn running?“. Our calculator is based on the average metabolic rates calculated from studies of people running at particular speeds. If you know the speed you have been running at use the Speed tab, enter your weight, the time spent running and your speed. If you do not know your speed use the Distance tab, enter your weight, minutes spent running and distance covered. The calculator will then work out your speed and round it to the closest metabolic rate available.


Speed Based Calories Burned Running Calculator

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Distance Based Calories Burned Running Calculator

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As studies into calorie burn rates for running have only been performed at particular speed intervals, the calculator rounds your actual speed to the closest available with reliable metabolic rates.