Calculate Calories Burned on Elliptical

by Gareth Chapman

Elliptical Calories Burned

calories burned on the elliptical

Elliptical machines / cross trainers offer great ways of obtaining a zero impact workout, helping you burn a significant number of calories. Ellipticals are always very popular in the gym and these days many people buy one for home.

How Many Calories Burned on Elliptical?

There is a common misconception that ellipticals burn as many calories as treadmills but without the impact, unfortunately this is not true.

Due to your feet staying in contact with the foot pedals of an elliptical you do not engage the same muscles for balance and impact as you do with a treadmill, that said using a cross trainer / elliptical is still a great way to shred calories.

Elliptical Calorie Calculator

This page provides you with a Elliptical calories calculator, allowing you to easily estimate how many Elliptical calories you have burned during your workout.

You may well find the display on your elliptical has a completely different calorie readout as it is widely known in the fitness industry the machines over estimate calorie burn rates.

As everyone is different, the most accurate way to measure calories burned is to use a heart rate monitor, however in the absence of a heart rate monitor the Elliptical calories calculator estimates the calories burned, based on average metabolic rates per intensity.

Simply enter your weight, the duration of your Elliptical workout and the intensity of your Elliptical workout.

To select the appropriate Elliptical work out intensity:

  • Low: You could sing while doing your Elliptical workout
  • Mid: You could talk while doing your Elliptical workout
  • High: You are out of breath and could not talk while doing your Elliptical workout

Elliptical Calories Burned Calculator